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Gong named head of Asahi Shimbun Asia Network

孔魯明 小倉和夫 天児慧

Former South Korean Foreign Minister Gong Ro Myung (left in photos) was named the first foreign president of The Asahi Shimbun Asia Network (AAN), a forum that aims to serve as a bridge for the exchange of information, ideas and people in Asia, on Wednesday.

Gong, 71, currently serves as director of The Dongguk Japanology Institute at Dongguk University.

Two new members from outside the newspaper were also named to the AAN Council, which debates and decides AAN projects. They are Kazuo Ogura, 64, (center) president of The Japan Foundation, and Satoshi Amako, 56, (right) professor at Waseda University's Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies.

The AAN was established to mark the 120th anniversary in 1999 of The Asahi Shimbun's foundation. (2003.10.01)

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