Patent industry quote:

"Up to now software-based inventions can only be protected in the European Community - with the exception of one Member State - disguised in the form of processes, systems or devices controlled by software."

Arno Koerber, Director Intellectual Property, Siemens AG


If you are a UK resident worried about the issue of software patents, or simply seeking up-to-date news on what is going on - you're in the right place. We aim to explain in plain English the technicalities of this difficult and controversial topic, and show how you can get involved.

Software patents are a hot topic, because the EU are considering passing a directive which will make them formally available. Arguments in favour of software patents are that software is simply another area of technology, and that a technical device should be patentable whether it is designed in hardware or software. We will show this argument is simplistic at best, and at worst opens the doors to a complete de-regulation of the patent system.

Patent industry quote:

"The Commission might be prepared to support a revision of the Munich Convention to improve it and to make it clear that computer programmes are no longer excluded from patent protection."

John Mogg, Director General of DG XV (Internal Market and Financial Services), European Commission

EU Directive

The directive that was recently passed by the European Parliament has the full support of people opposed to pure software and algorithm patents. To find out why, read why this directive is now considered good news. There are a good number of examples of how this differs in practice to the original proposal.

Support The Directive As Amended

We encourage people in the UK to participate in the action to support this directive in its current form. The next step is to encourage our politicians to support the directive at its reading in the Council of Ministers, and we are organising a letter writing campaign to this effect. The main site for this campaign is the FFII-UK Council page, and I encourage you to write to your MP immediately!

We also encourage people to work together, and the two places to do this in the UK are:

The quotes on this page are taken from speeches that were made by patent industry figures at the "Software Patents in Europe" Conference