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2002-10-28 - 9:22 z.m.

> self-judgment <
( unifying field of dreams )

if you choose to remember only
one of my brilliant poetrixes
this would be the brillianterest.

regardless of your creed, religion, beliefs,
bullshit, you are a stream of consciousness,
that simply is for as long as you want it to.

you will encounter various discontinuities
as you be streamin' in place, birth & death
for example are of your concern for now.

when encountering such discontinuities,
due to administrative overhead, you will
self-judge by your frame of reference.

carefully build your frame of reference as
you cannot lie thy own mind when self-judging,
then follow your whorl as you're spinnin' it.

example #1: person worships goddess of science,
thinks brain creates mind & death vanishes all into dust,
nothing to self-judge, goes 6 ft under, game over.

example #2: person worships her god, aspires to heaven,
self-judgment at 50.01% bad by own frame of reference,
goes to hell by tiny margin, next level (long one too).

example #3: 9/11 terrorist, thinks america plays for satan,
aspires to allah and many nekkid women, self-judgment shows
ultimate sacrifice for own salvation, goes to bonus level.

i won't go further, but it is important to realize that
any outcome is possible, but self-fucking is as common as
self-advancement when building your levels as you go.

also important to see that exactly what you want will happen,
but the hard part is to know how to want it and how to have
the correct frame of reference in place to qualify for it.

spend your current level to focus within and all the answers
will be there, spend your time listening to static from others
and they'll dream away your opportunity to choose wisely.

what a waste for people in example #1 and all because
they don't have proof. whatever, please don't ask me
how i know this, if you like it, think some more about it.

it's a nice add-on to your religion and it requires no changes to it,
it does no preaching, up/down, love/hate, hell/heaven, 5th dimension
all are encompassed and self-judged by you, lonely creature.

*note: there are too many to print. bummer. go ask!


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