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"We insist on no other conditions for those who wish to be admitted amongst us than uprightness and knowledge; we receive any honest and intelligent man whatever may be his religion, his country, or his laws. Our dogmas are---Truth and Virtue.

We honor the Great Architect of the Universe as the author of all goodness, and Virtue as destined to conserve the good that the Great Architect has wrought; He has given us reason so that we may distinguish good from evil, the true from the false.

Let us cultivate knowledge so as to render reason profitable to establish the love of mankind, and to save us from the ravages of falsehood and errors.

Let us not forget that Freemasonry teaches nothing which is doubtful or supernatural; it concerns itself only with ideas that are positive and easy to understand; it relies only on experience, history, and on facts that are proven.  Freemasonry does not exist in order to create idle dignities, to cover us with ribbons and medals, or to allow us to walk with miters on our heads and royal scepters in our hands, but it exists in order that we should practice justice, truth, charity, wisdom, concord, and the brotherhood of man."

Membership Requirements

The qualifications of a Neophyte are Probity and Honor, the Rite esteems  learning above social and personal distinctions, seeking by means of its comprehensive instruction to extend Knowledge, Morality and Justice, and enforce all those great principals which have distinguished honorable men at all times.

The following is a list of membership requirements:

  • A Master Mason in good standing (the Rite does not confer the three Symbolic Degrees or make Masons)
  • A preference is given to members of the Scottish and/or York Rites, and we would hope that you are a supporting member of both.
  • Live in Georgia or Washington D.C. (see opening new Mystic Temples)
  • A member of the Collegium Fabrorum, and of the Politikoi grade
  • Have read the preparatory reading materials
  • Have submitted a letter stating why you seek membership
  • Have submitted a Petition for membership
  • Have interviewed with at least three members of the Rite
  • Have submitted an essay related to Freemasonry
  • Live within 50 miles of a Mystic Temple (see opening new Mystic Temples)
  • Must be at least 18 years old (21 years of age in some states)

Each Candidate is elected into membership in the Rite by secret ballot.  The results of the balloting will depend on your interviews, Petition, and letter.  Should you be elected to membership you will be sent an official notice from the Rite stating the time and place of your first degree.  You must come to the Mystic Temple properly attired for the investiture of the degree.  The dress code is strictly enforced and consists of formal evening attire: black  tailcoat and trousers, white shirt, vest and tie.  


If you would like to know more about the Rite of the Rose Cross of Gold, send an email to   Include in this email the following information:

  • Your full name
  • The city and state in which you reside
  • A phone number at which you can be reached


I live too far from an existing Mystic Temple.

Master Masons who have completed the curriculum of the Collegium Fabrorum may petition the Rite to establish a new Mystic Temple provided they meet the following requirements:

  • At least one Master Mason from your group must be vouched for by a Grand Master of Light of the Rite, or a Grand Master or Past Grand Master of a state Grand Lodge. 

  • Have written approval from your Grand Master or Grand Lodge to establish a Mystic Temple.

  • Have 11 Master Masons who have completed the curriculum of the Collegium Fabrorum within 50 miles of the proposed Mystic Temple.

  • Have an established place for your meetings that meets the requirements specified by the Rite.

  • All 11 Masons can travel to Atlanta, GA to receive the work.

  • Have at least $5,000 in operating funds for your Temple.

  • Have all the necessary Lodge regalia as specified by the Rite

  • All 11 Master Masons have the proper clothing and regalia as specified by the Rite

  • Have an established set of By-Laws

  • Have collected the first years dues from each member.  ***

*** (Dues are established by each Mystic Temple just as they are in any Masonic Lodge.  The minimum dues established by the Rite is $125.)
The Rite of the Rose Cross of Gold is a Sovereign Sanctuary organization.

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