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ALEX HERMOSO & FR. SHAY CULLEN Join the Convenors meeting of the Civil Society Movement for a Just & Honest Elections

Meeting of Various Government and Non Governement Organizations about the upcoming elections

Protest rally against the Political Dynasty growing in Olongapo and Zambales

Fr. Shay Cullen joining the Run of Fr. Robert Reyes from the Preda Center to the Various destinations in Olongapo City

 Protesters! Held at the Circle of Hope located just beside the "Ulo ng Apo", Olongapo

A short message of Fr. Robert Reyes member of the GOMBURZA movement on the Political issues in Olongapo

The Employees of the Department of Tourism (DOT) Protesting the recently appointed Secretary Richard Gordon in front of the Department Building

Employees of the DOT and members of the DOT Employees Association rallying around the premises of the Department Building.

Gordon Volunteers: Where's the Money?

Graft raps filed vs. Gordon et al

Graft Filed after 'misuse' of P388 M at SBMA

Gordon, ex-SBMA execs charged with P400-M fund mess

Gordon Faces Graft Charges

Joint Affidavit of different organizations in Olongapo protesting . . .

Welcome to the Olongapo City and the Subic Bay page. In the recent past, there has been an awakening of the civil society of Olongapo City. Last April, Father Robert Reyes, the chaplain of the University of the Philippines and the head of the priests' movement called GUMBURZA arrived in Olongapo City. Fr. Reyes goes on jogging runs, bringing media attention to social realities and campaigns against the negative influence of traditional politicians in the Philippines.

Together with a strong following, he led a run with a large group of followers from Subic town proper to Olongapo City. His message to the citizens was for them to exercise their rights to vote in the coming election in a most responsible way and to shun voting for traditional politicians who rule with oppressive polices and perpetuate themselves through family dynasties.

His day long run attracted a big following and a large crowd gathered at the Olongapo circle where several progressive priests celebrated a Mass for peace and justice at the circle. The civil society movement of the city was there with banners and issued a declaration of principle.


Some progressive priests also issued a statement in response to a barricade of the entrances to the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority. This was organised by a small group of protesting employees of the SBMA. Allegedly, with the approval and encouragement of the local Government of Olongapo city (which Mayor Kate Gordon denied) they prevented all other employees and students from entering the facilities. The local clergy saw this a denial of the rights of the citizens to report for work and attend classes. The protests of the group of employees were aimed against the administration of the SBMA who replaced the former Chairman Richard Gordon.


News reporter harassed

News reports about the barricade and the background were few and allegations flew about that there was news black out by the city administration. The local media council wrote a letter to the press published in the TODAY and the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspapers protesting the treatment of a news reporter who was covering the demonstration at the gate to the SBMA.


Protests Against Secretary of Tourism Richard Gordon

The Former City Mayor and chairman of the SBMA during the administration of former President Fidel Ramos was Richard Gordon. He was replaced and had no standing for the past few years. However, many charges of graft and corruption were filed against him pertaining to his time when he was Chairman of the SBMA.

Macapagal -Arroyo came to power and he was able to get appointed as Secretary of Tourism.

However, very soon the employees of the Department of Tourism rose up in opposition to his appointment. Senator Nene Pimentel said that the Senate committee on appointments in June this year would not confirm Secretary Gordon, after the election on 14th May.

The employees at the Department of Tourism held demonstrations and protests and issued the following statement.


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