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Protestors Call For Resignation From WLW Host

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Bill Cunningham

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Victoria Straughn Coalition of Concerned Citizens for Justice

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Lincoln Ware of the Buzz

Protesters converged on the WLW studios in Mount Adams Friday demanding a resignation from talk show host Bill Cunningham.

They accused the host and the station of being racist based on comments and spots that aired in response to the death of Nathaniel Jones.

Cunningham said the accusations couldn't be further from the truth.

"No racists, no peace. No racist talk show hosts either," protesters said.

Protesters with the Coalition of Concerned Citizens for Justice are angry about WLW spots like one that parodied a song saying: "The fat man ever after has a martyr's place/ Let's all ignore whatever drugs he had/ His friends are on the news and all up in our face/ saying he was a charming guy and splendid dad/ His death was unrelated to his injuries but still we hear the people sing police brutality/ lies go on bro la la how the lies go on."

"They were intended to entertain and inform during this holiday season maybe in a serious situation to recognize maybe it's time also to smile a little bit, entertain just a tad in these serious times," Cunningham said.

"The current mockery being played on WLW right now regarding the death of Mr. Jones and referring to him as fat and having been viciously beaten by the police seems to make that into a christmas jingle. We find that outrageous," said Victoria Straughn Coalition of Concerned Citizens for Justice.

Both Lincoln Ware of the Buzz and Cunningham said Cincinnati radio stations are just as divided as the people.

Ware said many of his listeners are anti-police and admits harsh comments have been made but feels the WLW spots went too far.

"It's just disgusting and why they would want to do something like that to make fun of this man's death is beyond me. It adds fuel to the fire," said Ware.

And Straughn agrees that controversial words could only make things worse.

"His actions are puposely done to polarize the racial climate which if he does not stop this city may see the beginnings of one of the worst race riots this nation may begin to witness," Straughn said.

"We won't change our behaviour because of the misbehaviour of others," Cunningham said.

The various spots that were running on WLW have been pulled. Management has no plans right now to run anymore.

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