December 19, 2003 
      Bush: 'GOT HIM'       

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With Carl Limbacher and Staff
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Friday, July 25, 2003

Nutty Germans Blame U.S. for 9/11

How ignorant are the German people? This much: Almost one in three below age 30 thinks the U.S. government might have sponsored the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America, according to a new poll.

About 20 percent of Germans in all age groups hold this view, a survey of 1,000 people conducted for the weekly Die Zeit said.

Do they also believe that the United States allowed insane National Socialist dictator Adolf Hitler to come to power? Oh, no, wait: That was the German people.

In a wonderful commentary for UPI, Uwe Siemon-Netto writes:

"Postmodernity has replaced Rene Descartes' dictum, 'I think, therefore I am,' with a new truism: 'I prattle, therefore I am somebody.'

"You don't have to go to Germany to hear people aver that George W. Bush marched into Iraq 'because he wanted the oil.' They'll tell you that in many New York parlors, regardless of what learned folk of all political persuasions had written about Saddam Hussein's evil designs. ...

"If you wonder why so many of today's young Germans are incapable of thinking clearly, become a scholastic, go to the sources. Germans always want to perfect things - and in this case they perfected American follies, including the folly of anti-Americanism and sexual confusion.

"When former German justice minister Herta Daeubler-Gmelin compared George W. Bush with Hitler last year, she only followed a prominent U.S. church leader. When Hamburg's Lutheran bishop, Maria Jebsen, wrote the preface to a tome titled "Divinely Lesbian," she only parroted the American fad of stirring off-color libido and theology into one unappetizing stew.

"Is America at fault, then? No, not really. America is just big and therefore sets the global standards, including the trend of transmitting and receiving knowledge via television sound bites and Internet chat rooms.

"You can resist it, and many Germans do. These are the ones still studying their country's superb daily newspapers, and of course they do not believe that Washington sponsored the Sept. 11 attacks.

"In other words, they still know that the earth is round, to use a metaphor. But don't kid yourself - the flat-earth movement is marching on in the Fatherland, whose television-obsessed youth is rapidly dropping out of its nation's legacy of poetry and thought. In a recent poll, a 51-percent majority declared Thomas Gottschalk, a local television personality, more important than Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, one of history's greatest minds."

Editor's note:
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