Nile Rodgers Musical Biography

There is nothing you can say about Nile Rodgers that hasn't already been heard by billions of people, in millions of cities, via thousands of radio airwaves, in hundreds of countries. The musical career of Nile Rodgers is one of the most enduring and prolific in rock n' roll. Starting with the first song he ever
learned "A Day In The Life," Nile has
insured that his life and his music is
anything but ordinary. Nile's signature
is scrawled across an amazing array of
music - from Chic to Sister Sledge to
David Bowie
to the B-52s.

Born in September of 1952, Nile's
background contributes almost as
much to his success as his talent.
Moving around a lot in his formative
years, Nile used this experience to
help him develop a varied palette of
musical tastes. On Manhattan's Lower
East side, Jewish folk music, Latino
harmonies and pure pop were the fare,
while amove to the South Bronx ex-
posed him to the Doo Wop of such fav-
orites as the Isley Brothers and The
. The Northeast Bronx turned
him on to classy crooners Frank Sinatra,
Tony Bennett, and Mel Torme, and a
stop in New York's Greenwich Village
opened his ears to the likes of Miles Davis,
Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughn
, and Miriam

When Nile first picked up a guitar
while still in school, he had a lot
of influences on. Early in Nile's
career, his mentor Graham Benskin
, showed him that the guitar he
was practicing on was not tuned
accurately -- what a loss it would
have been had Benskin not corrected him!
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