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It's been a year since my last newsletter and many of you are anxious to know my latest developments.

At the beginning of 2003 I embarked on my sixth tour with Yanni traveling 27,000 miles throughout North America. It was remarkable to play arenas in 60 of our country's greatest cities including Madison Square Garden in New York and the Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl.

The special audiences and beautiful cities inspired me to compose after sound checks, and I began writing my sixth CD, The Journey Continues. What an inspiration it was for me to sit alone on stage in these grand arenas and compose music. I returned to my own studio in June to finish the CD and at this writing, it is my best seller. It features over one hour of soft piano and my listeners use it for massage, daycare, reading and other quiet moments in life.

My company Robbins Island Music continues to do well with my other titles, Christmas Around The World, Hear the Masses, Rapture, One Deep Breath, Solo Journey and music books for piano players. We are no longer producing cassette tapes and I've reduced the cost of the remaining stock for just $9 a cassette. I also have a new and updated website, which is easier to use and fun to see. Go to and see unseen pictures of the Yanni tour and order my new CD.

Finally I'll be playing live concerts this winter throughout the Midwest. My only Christmas concert is at the new Osseo/Fairchild Theater in Osseo, WI (near Eau Claire) on December 13. Other performances are planned in February of next year. I'll keep you up to date on those performances as they develop. It will be a warm, relaxing evening for all.

Bradley Joseph