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Paul O'Donnell's Home Page

'm delighted you're paying a visit to my Homepage and you are most welcome. I'm curious about you too so let me know who you are. I hope you find something of interest in this page. In its present state of construction it's about me, my family and the O'Donnell name.                        Paul

Did you hear that?

Family Tree

O'Donnell Trivia

his page has pieces of information about the O'Donnell Clan and it's history.
You've heard of
some famous O'Donnells, no doubt - among them Entertainers, Politicians, Sports People, Churchmen, Academics, and even Murderers.
There is a list of O'Donnell Places
throughout the world and a list of Historic O'Donnell Places.
In the  History items there is Genealogy, Aristocracy, an Anthem, a Treasure, a Coat of Arms and the fabled Red Hugh .
I could not of course exclude my siblings so you'll find within Glowing Testimonials
and our Family Tree.

Glowing Testimonials

You've heard of . . .

O'Donnell Places

Historic O'Donnell Places


It's in the genes!!


O'Donnell Abu!

The Coat of Arms

The Cathach

Red Hugh

You want more???????
Then you must visit
Vincent O'Donnell's
"O'Donnell Abu"
Website and
Clans and Names.

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