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Asian-American Village Archives: Yayoi Lena Winfrey

Writings by AAV Contributing Editor



Yayoi Lena Winfrey

YayoiBorn in Tokyo, raised in America and Europe, Yayoi Lena Winfrey is a Japanese-African- American writer, visual artist, filmmaker, metaphysician, free spirit, and vegan yogaholic with a "New York soul living in a California body."   She attended the Art Institute of Seattle, and has worked as a freelance writer and illustrator for International Examiner, Northwest Nikkei, Mavin, Metropolitan Living, Northwest Asian Weekly and others. She is also the editor and publisher of the anthology, Brothers and Others: An Esi Black Women Writers Anthology.


Yellowface: Asians on White Screens
Is Charlie Chan really dead? A museum exhibit looks at "Hollywood Asians"

Cho-ing Her Flip Side
Getting political with funny girl Margaret Cho

Scott D. Oki, Multimillionaire Philanthropist
Getting personal with the Microsoft whiz-cum-philanthropist extraordinaire

Jolene Jang: The Fun Specialist
For one business consultant, fun and games are not just for the company picnic.

AAV Profile: Yvonne Kinoshita Ward
Civil rights lawyer challenges the big boys, from Marcos to Starbucks

Brothers and Others: An Esi Black Women Writers Anthology
Book with AAV's Yayoi Winfrey offers rare tales of ordinary black men

AAV Profile: Judge Mary Yu
From blue-collar immigrant background to King County Superior Court

Leilani Chan: Bringing Hawai'i to the Mainland
TeAda Productions showcases Hawai'i theater and issues

Love Vibe-R-Asian
The perils of finding a date or netting a mate online

Touring UCLA Asian American Studies Center
Fall theme, The Movement and the Moment, focuses on AsAm studies' origins

AAV Profile: Kip Fulbeck
Filmmaker, educator, author, lifeguard, and hapa with a mission

Rae Dawn Chong & Billy Dee Williams
On their careers, multiracial families, and new film, The Visit

AAV Profile: Wendy Chinn, The Dancing Firefighter
Only 5'2", this graceful dancer could just save your life.

Cathy Le, Architect, Construction Manager
A daughter of the 1975 exodus from Saigon goes where few women have gone before

AAV Profile: Lydia Lum
A journalist's mission to preserve the heritage and stories of Angel Island...before it's too late

Yayoi Lena Winfrey's Watermelon Sushi

Watermelon SushiAward-winning art works by multi-talented filmmaker, painter, and AAV contributing editor Yayoi Lena Winfrey. With accompanying essay about the Afro- Japanese- American sisters at the heart of Winfrey's film treatment of the same name.

Check it Out

AAV Profile: Katie Tupper & Dr. Chia Wang
"When my family looks nothing like me": The joys and challenges of transracial adoption viewed from both sides

AAV Profile: Ang Chhiri Sherpa-Cooking, Climbing, Culture, and Community
Through his outreach efforts, Sherpa treats Seattle to a taste of real Nepal -- cooking, climbing, and culture

AAV Profile: Munio Makuuchi
Remembering the late JA poet, artist, and teacher, 1934 - 2000

AAV Art Gallery: Nhon Nguyen
Seattle's Bus Route Guerilla Artist

An AAV Art Gallery Exhibition, curated by Yayoi Lena Winfrey

APAs Beneath the "Geek Ceiling"
Can we be "over-represented" in IT and still stuck beneath the glass ceiling?

When My Family Looks Nothing Like Me
The Joys and Challenges of Transracial Adoption Viewed from Both Sides

The Other Side of Pearl Harbor
WWII tale of a Tokyo woman gives a glimpse of war's "other side"

Film FlixAsian
The films to watch out for from the 26th Seattle Int'l Film Festival and the people behind them

On Asian-American Heritage Month

APA Heritage Month: Who's It For?
What does it mean and why do so many not know about it?

Viewpoints: By Any Means Necessary (?)
On-the-street buzz from WA state stabbing case, which has ended in mistrial

Going Green: If Not Now, When?
Why I'm Casting My Vote for Ralph Nader


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