America's manufacturing base has been destroyed by the two major political parties and the Federal Reserve.

Every person owns their own life, and is free to do with it as they wish, except for committing violence, theft, or fraud or infringing upon the rights of another.

The American people are on a treadmill for financial survival.

It is time to bring our troops home from every corner of the globe. It is time to stop foreign aid, and use the savings to get rid of our deficit and bring fiscal discipline to Washington.

Why are businesses burdened with the expense of paying salaries to bookkeepers and accountants to collect money for the government for withholding taxes of employees?

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Hello, I’m Aaron Russo,

Welcome to my website.

America’s in crisis and we’re facing great danger from our own government. I’ve identified twelve points every American should be alarmed about. Let’s examine what they are, and see what our government is doing:

1. Both political parties lie to us, and neither can be trusted.

2. Our economy is a disaster.

3. We’re losing our right to free speech.

4. Both parties passed the Patriot Act, a crime against all Americans.

5. Both wage war against medical marijuana and alternative medicine.

6. Both attack our right to bear arms.

7. Both parties overtax, overspend, and over-regulate.

8. Where is the gold owned by the American people? Neither party will address this issue and we need answers.

9. Both parties station our troops around the world rather than protecting our borders from terrorism and illegal immigration.

10. Both parties are guilty of starting the war in Iraq.

11. Both parties want to keep our troops there indefinitely.

12. Both parties are equally guilty for America’s youth dying there for no reason.

If you continue to vote for one of the two major parties, nothing will change, and you're wasting your vote. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil and not an answer. Don’t waste your vote! It is time for the American people to rise up and put an end to our corrupt government, and I will be proud to lead the way.

I will bring our troops home from every corner of the globe. I’ll revoke the Patriot Act, I’ll cut taxes, cut spending, I’ll cut the size of government. I’ll stop corporate welfare. I’ll engage all nations in trade and commerce. I’ll protect our air and water, and I’ll protect our borders, but most importantly I will protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

My campaign is not about any single issue, it’s about government's proper role in your life. Do you want to live in an America where government is your master, or your servant?

The choice is yours. The decision is momentous.

We can clean up this government right now, but I need your help!   Please forward this message to everyone in your address book….. And please donate. I’m Aaron Russo, and I’m running for President, thank you and please join me.




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