14.11.03 ~ lit list

Not that you haven't already noticed the link over on the right there, but I'm maintaining a bibliography of books/articles on blogging and the library world. Have a look.

11.11.03 ~ Darlene Fichter on blogs for libraries

Why and How to Use Blogs to Promote Your Library's Services, by Darlene Fichter on Information Today. A good, basic article on some of the things libraries can do with blogs, like promoting library events, supporting community, and building new ties [via stuff].

10.11.03 ~ the article

The first draft of my book chapter, the one that spawned this blog in the first place, is back from my editors. They liked it. If I sound surprised, it's because I am. This whole publication experience has been a curious one. First off, I had trouble breaking out of essay mode, I had to continually tell myself, no this is not a paper for a class, no it is not going to be graded, yes, it is much more important than that. It took a while to get into the habit of emailing my editors for answers to questions and for guidance: yes they're there for guidance, no they're not trying to weed you out of their class. I'll be exporing more of these first-time-publishing experiences in an article I'm writing for LISCareer.com early next year. Until then, revisions. They're due on the 21st, a deadline I can actually meet.

~ they're talking blogs

The current issue of Computers in Libraries has three, count them, THREE articles on blogging in the library world. And two of those articles are about institutional blogging too: Building a Home for Library News with a Blog by Doug Goans and Teri M. Vogel & Here a Blog, There a Blog, Even the Library Has a Web Log by Janet L. Balas (not online).

10.10.03 ~ library leads the campus blog effort

Not strictly a "blog with library" story but I thought it was interesting that at the University of Minnesota, the campus library seems to be leading the campus blogging movement. Neat. Here's the White Paper for some background info on the project.

9.10.03 ~ blogs as libraries?


When someone hears the word "library" they often think of physical space in the three dimensional world. With the emergence of "virtual" libraries in the last ten years, we must not only readjust our perception of libraries, but that of the public's too. Weblogs may be part of the solution to the creation, storage and design of these virtual libraries.