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About this site

This site is dedicated to programmers, Basic programmers primarily, but programmers of all languages are welcome. The hope is that many knowledgable Basic programmers will use this site to share their knowledge of programming with others.

The BASIC (Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) programming language was originally invented to make programming easier for engineers who needed specialized programs but weren't interested in the "mundaneness" of programming in FORTRAN, COBOL and other programming languages of the day. Since then, companies like Microsoft, Borland, and PowerBASIC and programmers like Ethan Winer and Carl Gundel have lifted BASIC from its simplistic roots and made it a professional tool capable of any task. There is not a single task that a C or Pascal programmer can accomplish that can not also be done in one or more dialects of BASIC. And usually in half the time. <grin>

On this site you will find links to other programming related sites, downloadable source code, freeware & shareware files and much more.

The Gurus

The Gurus featured on this web site were invited to participate. They were chosen because of their willingness to share their knowledge and experience with others. Many participate openly in many Usenet newsgroups answering questions, posting source code and generally just helping others in their quest to become gurus themselves. In a "me" world, these people are what we all hope to become.

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