Do Creationist Liars Burn in Hell?

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Lying For God:

Creation Science Exposed

A Response to Fraudulence in the name of Religious Ethics

I think we are all familiar with "Creation Science" and the controversy surrounding public acceptance of the Theory of Evolution. As a scientist, I for a long time felt that it was my duty to ignore the religious hotheads I saw in the world, thereby withholding credibility, and write the whole thing off as simple religious bigotry.

The problem of the evolution "debate" is not that all the scientists in the world are atheist God-haters, but that a small fraction of religious fundamentalists are upset that empirical scientific study has falsified some of their religious beliefs about the physical world. If the same empirical science which discovered the evidence for evolution had instead found evidence that Adam and Eve were real people who lived 6000 years ago, and that the world was once completely flooded, and that dinosaurs and trilobites had never existed, then do you think that the religious wackos would be criticizing the same scientific method which they now revile? This, of course, has nothing to do with the science involved. Science goes on whether or not the public believes in its results. But on the other hand, as teachers we should not ignore the fact the public at large is being systematically deceived by those who would place fundamentalist Christianity ahead of good science in the science classroom. There is perhaps a time and a place for religious fundamentalism, but the classroom is not it. We have an obligation to everyone in society to provide them with unbiased, scientifically sound educations and at the same time allow individuals to explore all the evidence at hand and make their own personal decisions as to the validity of Evolution or any other scientific theory. The evidence is on our side. There should be no fear in hiding it.

Moreover, as Creationists argue their point primarily from a religious and ethical standpoint, one might expect that they should handle the debate ethically and with integrity. But the fact is that they defraud and deceive their audience (you) in a way which represents what I wished were a new extreme in Christian hypocrisy. Throughout creationist pages you will discover the fundamentalists decrying evolution's "moral implications" as a reason to abandon the concept and return to the more morally pure "theory" of Biblical creationism. At the same time, the arguments they present against the particulars of the theory are consistently born either of pitiful ignorance or willful deceit. I hope that by analyzing these pages, you, the reader, will come to understand the ethical bankruptcy suffered by these "Moral Crusaders." The question we must ask is: Do creationist liars burn in hell?

Furthermore, as a scientist, I feel personally violated and intellectually raped whenever I see my work and my profession being so awfully misrepresented as it always is in creationist literature. I will not willingly give in to such attacks.

In this spirit, therefore, I have decided to write a thorough scientific response to creationist arguments, with links and references to the arguments themselves so that the informed reader may read both sides of the argument and make an intelligent evaluation. It is possible, after all, to argue the scientific point and present valid evidence while at the same time denying Creationists undeserved credibility. In any case, it is certainly to my advantage for you to see Creationist arguments for what they are first hand, so by all means please let me strongly encourage you to visit them.

Let it be known first and foremost that I am an astronomer, not a biologist. I am therefore not as qualified as many others might be on the subject of biological evolution. Nevertheless, as Creationists feel the need to demolish all aspects of scientific endeavor including astronomy, I can at least feel qualified to confront them on this particular front. Where information comes from outside my own expertise, references are clearly given. The reader is encouraged to look them up. 

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