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Ship: Ormonde
Shipping Era: Interwar Liners
Voyage: 2 1952

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"Contribute a Story", RMS Ormonde, 1952

"Boarded the RMS Ormonde from Tilbury Dock England in 1952. It took 5 weeks. Arrived on the 14th of the 2nd 1952 in 109 Celsius [sic] heat after leaving the English winter. We had to travel in convoy through the Suez Canal at night, and keep all portholes closed, because the conflict had started with the British and the Arabs. I went to my brother’s rented house in Templestowe, which was all orchards in those days. No sewerage or ‘par’ cart, and the postman was on horseback. Templestowe consist of one blacksmith’s lot, the local store and a milk bar. My first memories of the area were bright sunshine, the magpies singing and lots of fruit in the orchards. I thought it was the end of the earth after living in London, and was homesick. But after two years I started to like Gum trees. I married, then we built our house and raised three children. We now have seven grandchildren, and enjoy it very much. Had three return trips to England, the first in 1980. But I still call Australia home." 7.3.99

Contribute a Story
Immigration Museum, Museum Victoria
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