Greenlee Genealogy

by Michael Greenlee and William Greenlee

This is a colorized version of the Greenlee coat-of-arms from Genealogy of the Greenlee Families, published in 1908.

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We have created the GREENLEE genealogy website in order to exchange information with others in the Greenlee family. The chart we have posted on this site shows the descendants of Edward Greenlee (of Mason County, West Virginia) who are known to us. We welcome your comments and any information you may have about the Greenlee lineage.

Note: Due to the large amounts of time required to enter all the genealogy information, this page is still being constructed and is currently only partially complete earlier than Henry William Greenlee. We have much more information in hard copies which has not yet been entered into the database, and if you have a specific request, e-mail us or use the information exchange form and, if we have information you need, we will add it to this site or e-mail it to you.

Jul. 21, 2002 - The information exchange form (link at the bottom of the page) is now working. You can use it to send us information requests, or Greenlee genealogy information, or just general comments.
Mar. 13, 2002 - Fixed the search engine and the counter. Searches will now actually return results.
Jan. 5, 2002 - Made some improvements to the discussion board, which has been completely redone--try it by clicking here. Also made some additions and changes to the database and fixed a problem that was making the text difficult to read.
Dec. 30, 2001 - The site has moved to a new server. Some pages may be temporarily down, but everything should be up again soon. The site can now be accessed at
Mar. 28, 2001 - Fixed the discussion forum again.
Dec. 26, 2000 - Added charts section, added some requested information, and put in some new pictures.
  Dec. 22, 2000 - Added links section and made some minor updates.
  April 7, 2000 - The discussion board is now working properly.
  April 2, 2000 - Changed layout, added mail form, and added discussion forum.
  May 2, 1999 - Updated Reunion (the genealogy program that generates this page) to version 6. Added pictures to a few family and person cards.
Dec. 22, 1998 - Added all descendants of several of Henry William's siblings (Mary Jane, Anna Christena, Calvin Hughes, Sarah Margaret, and Perry Martin).
Sep. 19, 1998 - Added Boord and Lipsey trees, added some siblings of Henry William.

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