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The spirit of TypeCon2003 lives on!

Although TypeCon2003 is over, there are plenty of memories to be found on the web. Check out the following links for photos and reviews of the conference:

Typebox Report: Mike and Joachim on TypeCon2003
Typophile Forums: TypeCon2003 aftermath thread
Speak Up: TypeCon2003 reviewed by Armin Vit
Daidala: TypeCon dream by Jon Coltz
Amy Conger’s LiveJournal
Astigmatic: Brian Bonislawsky’s TypeCon photos
Tony de Marco: Crazy Tony’s TypeCon photos
Laurence Penney: TypeCon video and photos
Gary Munch: TypeCon photos
Keith Tam: TypeCon photos
Richard Kegler: TypeCon photos
Eccentrifuge: John Butler’s TypeCon photos
Erik van Blokland: TypeCon photos
Florian Fangohr: TypeCon photos
Michael O’Laughlin: TypeCon photos
Jemma Gura: TypeCon photos
Univers 57: TypeCon photos by l.dapito and fi$h2000

TypeCon2004 will be held in San Francisco, California, July 22-25, 2004. Email us if you’d like to get involved or want more info about SOTA and TypeCon.

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