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So there's an email by one "Dr. James Rockford" making the rounds in some sort of manner to slam myself and Radley Balko because of our "support" of torture with regards to Al Qaeda. Under normal circumstances, I would ditch this in my "crank" e-mail but it seems to have been picked up by Instapundit and Electrolite. - so I guess I will clarify.

  • Under normal circumstances, I do not support torture
  • I believe the very existence of Al Qaeda is a clear and present danger to millions of people, American and otherwise
  • I believe Al Qaeda is different from other enemies America has faced in the past (USSR, for instance) because their philosophy does not involve targetting of military targets but instead civilian population centers
  • I believe that we are not safe until all members of Al Qaeda have been apprehended and/or killed
  • I believe that once confirmed Al Qaeda members are in custody, any means used to make them personally reveal possible terror plots should be undertaken
  • In essence, I believe that so long as an Al Qaeda network exists there is a "ticking bomb" going on
  • I do not believe that Al Qaeda associates, their families, etc. should be tortured to glean this information
  • I do not say things like this - or anything on my site for that matter - to get traffic or to be an "agent provocateur". I say this, because I believe in it. I understand that many - far away the majority - disagree with me on this. That's just how things work out sometimes

March 09, 2003 11:38 PM EST

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