Carmageddon Desktop Theme for Windows 95

by Ron Williams


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The Demo version of the game is available from Interplay.

I enjoyed playing the demo of Carmageddon so much that I had to make another theme file for it. Just unzip the file into your "Themes" directory with the option to create stored directory structures and it will create a "Carmageddon" subdirectory with all of the files. Then open your "Desktop Themes" control panel and it should be in the list of options. This assumes of course that you have already installed the Win95 Plus Pack or else the control panel will not be there.

The Desktop

Here is a screenshot of my desktop on my home computer with the Carmageddon Theme loaded...

And if you get tired of my background, Juha Makinen has some others you might like.

Some of the Cursors and Icons Used

The "My Computer" Icon
The Network Neighborhood Icon
The Empty Trash Icon
The Full Trash Icon
Standard Pointer
Working in Background/Busy Cursor (Animated to spin)

There are also splash screen replacements that are *not* installed by default. See the "Banner Screen Installation Instructions.TXT" file if you don't know how to install these. (It's really simple.)

So, what is Carmageddon? Well, it's sort of an updated version of the old Deathrace 2000. You get points, credits, and time for hitting... well,... just about everything. Technically, you are in a race with the other cars. You have to make it through the checkpoints in order and make it to the end. BUT, you don't have enough time accumulated to make it at the start so you have to earn it. You earn time by running over things, and other cars, and people. There are also lots of slick little toys available in various barrels scattered around the level. (I had a blast seeing just how much damage I could do to my car with the Hot Rod power-up. - Here is a set of screenshots of what was left after I thoroughly toasted it...)

And more screen shots will be available at different times on our Screen shots page. Some will be animated and some won't. Some of the images may be a bit large.

Download it here - Carmageddon Desktop Theme

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I know that there will be some people who will complain that this game even exists. And I suppose that they have a right to be able to complain. But I also have rights and I like the game. I think it's funny. Do I think it's real? Of course not. Do I think it would be funny if someone did it for real? No. But this is a game and I see the humor in it as the programmers intended. Do you laugh at someone who loses all their money and goes bankrupt in real life? Probably not. (Unless you were the one who got all their money) But I'll bet you laugh when someone does it in Monopoly.... So if you're one of the whinning, arogant pricks who thinks you should be able to control a part of my life - then I please know that I have the right to say:
Bite Me!!!!

==Ron Williams
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