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Briefly: WebDAV stands for "Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning". It is a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol which allows users to collaboratively edit and manage files on remote web servers.

We have prepared a Frequently Asked Questions page as a quick introduction for DAV newcomers.

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November 5, 2003
The Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) has approved the WebDAV Access Control Protocol as a Proposed Standard RFC. This protocol allows clients to remotely administer access control lists, thereby affecting who can perform operations on WebDAV resources.

The first book dedicated to WebDAV, WebDAV: Next-Generation Collaborative Web Authoring has just been published. Authored by WebDAV Working Group Co-Chair Lisa Dusseault, the book provides an in-depth description of the WebDAV protocol, and how to program it. Published by Prentice-Hall, 544 pages.

SuSE has added WebDAV support to version 4.1 of Openexchange, an email and document management server.

Mozilla now supports Calendar sharing using WebDAV

Homebase ANYWHERE is a Web-based calendar, contacts, email, photos, and bookmarks application that supports WebDAV.

September 26, 2003
The Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) has approved the WebDAV Ordered Collections Protocol as a Proposed Standard RFC. Publication as an RFC will occur soon.

Intel demoed the Personal Server at the Intel Developer Forum, a WiFi and Bluetooth enabled "transparent box the size of a personal cassette player, incorporating an XScale processor running Linux and a WebDAV-enabled version of Apache."

PEAR is the PHP Extension and Application Repository, and includes the package HTTP_WebDAV_Server which implements a WebDAV server.

ApacheCon 2003 features several sessions on WebDAV topics, including use of WebDAV with Cocoon and Catacomb, PEAR HTTP_WebDAV_Server, and a WebDAV overview.

Documentum offers WebDAV Services that are included in its Content Server license. Additionally, Documentum's Authoring Integration Services integrates content authoring tools with a Documentum Repository via file sharing, WebDAV, and FTP.

<oXygen>, an XML editor, has added WebDAV support in their latest release.

August 25, 2003
"Internet Standards Offer Unexpected HIPAA Compliance Options" - this TechRepublic article discusses how WebDAV can help improve content security to meet compliance requirements.

August 19, 2003
A face-to-face Interoperability Testing Event will be held September 15-16, at the University of California, Santa Cruz. WebDAV/DeltaV/DASL/ACL/Advanced Collections implementors are encouraged to attend.

The Ixiasoft TEXTML server has announced a WebDAV integration as an IIS ISAPI plugin (details).

Sergey Kanenko has developed the IEDResource Manager, a WebDAV and CVS API, and a remote resource manager demonstration application.

Rich Salz discusses the Atom protocol for remote authoring of Weblog content, and does a brief comparison to WebDAV, in this webservices.xml.com article.

Independentsoft has developed a WebDAV protocol API for .NET and .NET Compact Framework.

DAVtool is a command line tool for executing WebDAV, DASL, and DeltaV methods inside a shell script. It reads the request body from a file, and writes the output body to another file. It's like a Swiss Army knife for WebDAV!

Stellent announces that the Integrated Supply and Trading department of British Petroleum is using WebDAV to drag-and-drop files into the Stellent Content Management system.

The WebDAV Property Design provides a retrospective view on the development of WebDAV's metadata facilities.

July 1, 2003
"WebDAV Benefits for the Enterprise and its Denizens" -- this DM Review article explains how WebDAV can improve file collaboration.

June 26, 2003
XMLmind XML editor now supports WebDAV: XMLmind XML Editor (XXE for short) is an XML editor featuring DTD and XML Schema aware editing commands and a word processor-like view configured using W3C's cascading style sheets (CSS). See http://www.xmlmind.com/xmleditor/ for more information.

June 24, 2003
"WebDAV secures collaboration" -- this Network World Fusion article is a simple explanation of the ways WebDAV protects documents yet allows users to collaborate.

"SAS to OEM Xythos WebFile Server" -- a press announcement from Xythos which describes the role of Xythos WFS in SAS drug development platform, and why a standards-based architecture was important to SAS.

"Stellent selects Xythos to enhance Content Management solutions" -- a press announcement from Xythos explains how the WebDAV-enabled Stellent Content Management server works with the Xythos WebFile Client to allow direct authoring of business content.

February 10, 2003
There is now a WebDAV plugin for the JEdit Java-based text editor. Written using the Slide client library, it allows you to edit text files directly on a WebDAV server, using locking to prevent lost updates.

HiPerExchange is a WebDAV server that runs on the machines of individual email users, allowing them to efficiently access email using Outlook Web Access. See the HiPerExchange Technology Primer for more detailed information.

Catacomb, version 0.8.0, now supports DeltaV linear versioning. Catacomb is an Open Source, database-backed WebDAV server that supports DAV levels 1,2, and DASL.

The FileNet P8 architecture for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) supports WebDAV as part of its open systems emphasis.

The Tamino WebDAV Server now supports the WebDAV Access Control Protocol, in addition to its previously announced support for DeltaV and DASL.

Workspot provides a Linux account on Workspot's servers (screenshots). Files can be uploaded/downloaded from Workspot using WebDAV.

Lifli releases iBlog, a Mac-based weblog authoring program. It saves weblog data to a remote WebDAV server using Apple's iDisk, which maps a WebDAV server to a Mac drive.

December 5, 2002
Congratulations to Greg Stein, who is now Chairman of the Apache Software Foundation. Greg founded WebDAV.org, and implemented the Apache WebDAV module, mod_dav.

Slides from ApacheCon 2002 presentations:

Software AG announces support for DeltaV and DASL in the Tamino XML storage server. Tamino supports the basic client workspace and basic server workspace packages, defined in RFC 3253.

SpeedLegal supports DeltaV in its SmartPrecedent enterprise document automation product. Their XML editor, based on the open source Java Xerlin editor, supports it client-side, using the Slide client library. Server-side, SpeedLegal uses Software AG's Tamino WebDAV server. SpeedLegal and Software AG are both active contributors to Slide.

November 14, 2002
JSR 147 is an API specification for workspace versioning and configuration mangement (WVCM). Its goal is to be a standard Java language API for client access to WebDAV/DeltaV servers. The current specification and JavaDoc documentation can be found on the webdav.org WVCM API page.

The Stellent Collaboration Server and Content Server both provide WebDAV support. The Stellent Desktop is a multi-headed client application, supporting WebDAV and ODMA, with Outlook, GoLive, Dreamweaver, and FrameMaker integrations.

Xythos now has nearly two dozen education customers using WebDAV for secure file sharing, versioning, and collaboration.

Look at storage issues before you leap into XML. Kevin Dick, in ADTmag.com, discusses content management issues for XML. "A WebDAV server manages contributions, tracks changes, and enforces permissions."

Apple has posted detailed instructions for enabling WebDAV capability on a Mac OS X server.

O'Reilly Network: Serve Your iCal Calendars Using WebDAV. Eric T. Ray describes how to set up Apache mod_dav, and publish an iCal calendar to a WebDAV server.

Intraspect version 5.5 provides a WebDAV interface into its repository.

CoreMedia provides WebDAV support in version 4 of the Content Application Platform. "The Integration of WebDAV improves and simplifies the collaborative production, preparation, and administration of content for digital use."

September 20, 2002
On September 9, 37 people testing 13 clients and 16 servers gathered at UC Santa Cruz for the WebDAV Interoperability Testing Event. Ten parking tickets and 3 days of testing later, WebDAV interoperability was substantially improved.
Photos from the event: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

The kCura kStore Explorer allows easy navigation through a WebDAV repository, along with rich metadata view and edit features.

Dennis Hamilton and Bernard Chester describe and exchange views on WebDAV in e-doc magazine.

Atomz announces WebDAV support for the Atomz Publish Web content management system.

September 7, 2002
Greg Stein will be speaking about WebDAV at the Open Source Content Management Software conference in Berkeley, CA on September 25th. The conference will also host a DAV-based interoperability event for CMS systems on September 27th. Registration is now open.

At ApacheCon 2002, Greg will also be giving a tutorial on setting up Apache-based WebDAV environments. In addition, on Thursday, he will present a more general presentation on WebDAV. Registration should open within a week.

Back on July 25, the Subversion version control system released its first Alpha. Subversion is not intended to be a complete DeltaV server, but it does use a subset of WebDAV and DeltaV for its operation. This means that users can peruse (read-only) a live Subversion repository with their WebDAV clients. The Subversion team has released two additional Alphas since then.

Please contact Greg Stein and Quinn Daly to report a news item. older news
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