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jackie chan
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jackie chan

Jackie Chan: Kung Fu Fighter Believes There's More to Him Than Meets the Eye
After seeing him perform acrobat stunts, kung-fu kicks, and aerial jumps, who would have known Jackie Chan, a remarkable martial artist and actor, is also a singer? With twenty albums and one hundred songs under his belt, proficiently singing in many languages such as English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese and Taiwanese, Jackie certainly has experience as a singer. He first began singing while attending the Peking Opera School when he was seven years old. Along with his vocal lessons, Jackie acted, performed acrobatics and martial arts. A lot of Jackie's successful co-stars today such as Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, and Yeun Wah also derived from the same school. After Opera school, Jackie pursued a career as an actor, placing singing as his secondary career. On one hand, Jackie was making movies, but on the other hand, he was also dropping albums on a regular basis. Both song and film elements combined for the first time when Jackie's very first song titled, "Kung Fu Fighting Man," appeared in the movie, "The Young Master."

After much success in both careers in Hong Kong, Jackie spent the last twenty years growing and expanding in attempts to penetrate the American market, his next level of achievement. It was not an easy journey for him as he suffered a little more than physical injuries doing stunts for his movies in an effort to appeal to the American audience. His early movies shown in America were not a seen as a success. It wasn't until his movie, "Rumble In The Bronx," was released that Jackie garnered extensive media attention and became an international presence. In America, Jackie was not thought of as a singer at all, nor did he intentionally promote himself that way. He did not release any albums as a crossover appeal to his American audience as he has in the past in places such as Hong Kong. Still, he believes there is more to being an action hero or stuntman than meets the eye.

Though Jackie went on to make more than eighty movies in his lifetime that specifically appeal to either the United States or Hong Kong market, he continued to incorporate elements of his music talent through his movies, not albums. During the filming of "The Tuxedo," Jackie, who was in character, sang and danced, imitating the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, for one of the scenes. Seeing this, Jackie's fans embraced Jackie's performance with compliments. Off screen, often for fun, Jackie sings over the closing credits to his movies. What mystifies Jackie Chan fans who do not know him as a singer is that many of Jackie's movie soundtracks feature Jackie singing. Realizing this, Jackie's music fans eventually embraced Jackie as an action and comedic actor as well as a singer. Though he does not presently produce as many albums, Jackie expressed interest in singing duets with singers from each country. More known for his duets rather than solo singing, Jackie has teamed up with singers such as Anita Mui, Naoko Kawai, Ani DiFranco, and even recent stars such as The Twins.

Career Highlights:
• 20 albums released (1984-2002)
• 1984 - The Best Foreign Singer Award in Japan
• 1990 - Ten Most Popular Performers in the 80's Award for Radio & Television in Hong Kong

Where is he now?
Jackie Chan and Nic Tse Ting Fung are filming their new movie, "New Police Story."

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listener reviews
See what listeners have to say about this artist:

Simply the Best
tntlkmp from South Yorkshire, UK on October 3, 2003
Not many singers have that 1 feeling i get with a song. You know like that six sense movie, the hairs on the back of the neck that stand. And when you have a hot flush this feeling cools you down. His songs are very good. His voice is very good too. Keep his music coming, don't let this guy fade...

My first love
Wendy from Florida on September 11, 2003
I realized, some years ago, that Jackie sang some of his movie themes, so I started buying his CD's. There are better singers, it's true, but Jackie is really good. I never get tired of his music. It's not all great, but I love it anyway.

My first love
Wendy from Florida on September 11, 2003
I realized, some years ago, that Jackie sang some of his movie themes, so I started buying his CD's. There are better singers, it's true, but Jackie is really good. I never get tired of his music. It's not all great, but I love it anyway.

What Doesn't This Guy Do?
Dan from Masachusetts USA on July 11, 2003
"Staying With You All My Life" is a beautiful song, along with "Gan Shou" and every other song you wrote, or sang. Please don't stop singing... Zai jian

He is truly the Ambassador to Hong Kong
Maggie Byrd from Springfield Ohio on July 3, 2003
I was pleasantly introduced to Hong Kong pop music when I purchased my first Jackie Chan album. His duets are wonderful and worthy of the praise they receive. Because of songs like this one I and my family have gone on to purchasing an array of musical talent from Hong Kong, such as Anita Mui, Emil Chou, and Nic Tse. My teenage daughters especially love the music! (A relief to my ears since they refuse to listen to rap!) I hope Jackie makes more albums and songs such as these - I will continue to buy. One little request though, I'd love him to do a couple of songs in English - he has the most wonderful accent!

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Jackie Chan Songs
Record English Cantonese Year Listeners Choice Vote Request Hour
jackie chan songThe Genuine-Hearted Hero Jun Sum Ying Hung
jackie chan songAffixed to My Heart Jong Jee Joi Ngoh Hung 1991
jackie chan songUnderstand My Heart Ming Ming Baak Baak Ngoh Dik Sum 19--
jackie chan songEveryday of My Life Joi Ngoh Sung Ming Jung Dik Mui Yut Teen 1991

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