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Warcraft Adventures - The Game That Never Was

It's always been a bit strange the demise of Warcraft Adventures.  One minute Blizzard were more than happy with the game's progress, the next it was canned. Recently we dug up a few old archives and discovered some coverage we had done on the title after going to see Bill Roper at Vivendi's offices in the UK. Here's the full report as we found it.

We popped down to Vivendi in Reading to meet Bill Roper from Blizzard Entertainment to check out two of the hottest titles to come out over the next few months. On our visit we had the chance to see Warcraft Adventures and Diablo II.

Warcraft Adventures picks up where Warcraft II: Beyond The Dark Portal left us and develops the characters and worlds even further. You return to the land of Azeroth as Thrall, an Orc robbed of his heritage after being raised by humans in servitude. As Thrall, you return to the Orc's divided clans to be reunited.

The game itself looks stunning with animation that will take your breath away. There is a whopping 22 minutes of cinematic animation to watch and it sports a user interface that is easy to grasp. There are also 70 different characters in the game that you will bump into on your travels through the 60 different locations.

If you were a Warcraft fan you will recognise a lot of the references to the previous games, but don't worry, Blizzard have made sure it is easy for those unfamiliar with the WC titles to be drawn into your new world.  The intention is to make this game an epic with cinematics that help progress the storyline.

Next week Blizzard are going back into the studio with the actors to record more of  the dialogue. This should be an amusing recording session, as the game is littered with humour throughout and pays homage to other popular game titles such as Duke Nukem. The team who have been working on Warcraft Adventures are based in St. Petersburg in Russia.  They were given the concept for the game and came back to Blizzard with ideas that quite simply took their breath away.

Expect the game to hit the shelves this summer.

Character summaries


Thrall is the central character in the story.  He was raised by Humans in servitude.  He escapes his shackles and begins his journey to discover his heritage and reunite the clans.


Durotan is Thrall's father.  He is murdered by the unscrupulous Orc brothers Rend and Maim, sons of Blackhand.

Orgrim Doomhammer

Orgrim is the quintessential 'grandfather' Orc.  Orgrim has seen it all and most of his speech recounts certain parts of the Horde's history.

Grom Hellscream

If rock and roll had ever erupted on Azeroth, Grom would have been its driving force.   He is a leather-clad, loudly abrasive Orc who kicks serious ass. Grom is usually boisterous, but also gets down to business in a very no-nonsense manner.

Gazlowe the Goblin

If Azeroth was New York city, Gazlowe would be a cabby.  He's a wise cracking smart-ass, whose only real concerns are besting the Gnomes in an invention and design war.   Gazlowe is cranky and abrasive, but means well deep down.

Drek 'Thar

Drek 'Thar, like Doomhammer, is an old Orc who serves a very paternal role for Thrall.   As opposed to Orgrim, Drek 'Thar is a very impatient old fogey.

Alexstrasza the Dragon Queen

Alexstrasza is easily the most powerful individual on Azeroth.  She's a huge red dragon who could just as easily crush an army as cunningly manipulate its leaders to her own ends.  She has a brilliant intellect and delights in toying with the lesser creatures who cross her path.


Zuljin is a real character.  He was once a notorious bandit, but now sells junk goods in a run-down trading post.

Lieutenant Blackmoore

Blackmoore is the crafty Human who has no problem with taking advantage of others when they're down.  He's a slave-owning, back-stabbing, double-crossing, no-good swindler.

As you can see at the time we were pretty excited about the game, as was Bill Roper. Many fans were so disappointed they started a petition which Blizzard responded to giving their reasons for cancellation. I guess this is still one of the disappearing game mysteries of the industry.






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