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Welcome to the Disc InterConsult Website. Disc InterConsult is an international organisation dedicated to providing personality profiling solutions and training. We've designed this Website not only to tell you everything you need to know about our company, products and training programmes, but also to give you more general information on personality profiling, the theories behind it and the ways it can be used to help any organisation.

If you're interested in finding out more about the human personality, you'll find our DISC Theory History and Principles sections particularly useful. Don't forget to try our free on-line test.

The basis of Disc InterConsult's work is the DISC Theory. On this site, you'll find information about the development of the theory since its inception in the 1920's, and the underpinning principles on which it is based. For those familiar with DISC, we also offer standard interpretations of a variety of common personality profiles.

Personality profiling in general, and DISC in particular, has an important role to play in any organisation. Find out in our Applications section how these ideas can be put to practical, beneficial use across the spectrum of business needs.

Finally, try our five-minute free on-line test. This isn't a true DISC test - it's based instead on the underlying 'Style Card' idea behind the DISC theory, but it will give you some insight into a personality (your own or someone else's).

Business Basic is a ground-breaking personality profiling package marketed exclusively by Disc InterConsult. Designed for use with Microsoft Windows™, Business Basic provides all the key features you'll need to apply the principles of personality profiling in your organisation.

The software will allow you to create any number of DISC personality profiles using a suite of built-in assessment facilities, and will automatically interpret these profiles in plain English*. Business Basic will also compare and analyse individuals personalities against roles, describing specific strengths and weaknesses relative to those roles.

On this site, you can find out more about Business Basic, or access the Download Area for access to support materials and background information.

*Business Basic is also available in other languages - contact us for details

Business Basic
The DISC Theory has almost limitless potential - its depth of possibilities means that it bring positive results in practically any business situation, from team-building to management, from negotiation to recruitment. To help you take real advantage of the potential presented by DISC, Disc InterConsult provide a range of seminars and training courses around the world. Check our Training Schedule to find your nearest venue.

We offer a very broad range of services, from the one-day Business Basic User Course to extensive explorations of DISC's role in management, sales and customer service. A new feature of our range, DISC Modular Seminars investigate the use of the DISC approach in specific business situations, such as Recruitment and Appraisal.


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See the International Agencies section for details of your local Disc InterConsult agents and distributors.

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