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The Baha'i Faith

"Love of one's country is an element of the Faith of God" BUT   "Glory is not his who loves his own country,but glory is his who loves his kind "BAHA'U'LLAH

Some Baha'I Beliefs

There is only one God

That religion Has been progressively revealed by a succession of Prophets

The Unity of Mankind

The Divinity of Christ


The independent investigation of truth

Fairer distribution of wealth

The harmony of science and religion

The respect for followers of all religions

Encouragement of the diversity of race and culture

Respect for nature and the environment

The North Uist Baha'I Community

"Consort with the followers of all religions in a spirit of friendliness and fellowship"

"The advent of the prophets and the revelation of the Holy Books is intended to create love between souls and friendship between the inhabitants of the earth. Real love is impossible unless one turn his face towards God and be attracted to His Beauty" Abdu'l-Baha