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FOTF is a special project of the Gandhi Peace Centre Inc., a non-profit foundation dedicated to education, networking, identify a variety of symptoms which have resulted from trauma-based programming and EM targeting, and exploring new technologies and methods which inhibit free thought -- propaganda, indoctrination, thought reform, brainwashing, and the covert psychological operations of "national security" states.

The foundation is supported solely by the donations of individuals, and through the sales of books, facsimiles, tapes and memberships.

Memberships are not designed to fulfill the needs of the idly curious (check out the "vital links" on this web), nor for the treatment of the psychologically disturbed, but rather to inform the serious researcher, activist, and survivor of a mind control technology which is in its infancy, of a well kept secret which is, perhaps, more dangerous to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness than any visible weapon of war.

With a Membership in FOTF you'll receive a free CD version of OPERATION MIND CONTROL (more than 800 pages, with hypertext links, mutimedia files, photos and illustrations. As a member you will also receive discounts on videos, facsimiles, publications and other special offers. If you have email, as a member you will receive electronic editions of FREE THINKING so long as they are released, or until you request that they stop.

To become a member of the Freedom of Thought Foundation, send your tax deductible donation (check or money order)  for $100 to FOTF, POB 35072, Tucson, Az. 85740-5072.

(Free copies of the new CD version of  OPERATION MIND CONTROL are available on a first-come, first-served basis, limited to an edition of  500 copies. We ask your patient indulgence on delivery of the free items promised. There are no employees at FOTF, only volunteers. All volunteer efforts are donated and output fluctuates based upon the variance of demands. Your membership fee is applied as it is needed, where it is needed by FOTF, including areas of research with selected individuals. The membership fee is not a purchase price for OPERATION MIND CONTROL , nor is it to be considered a subscription fee to FREE THINKING. After this offer is fulfilled you will be asked to make another contribution to support the printing and mailing of future newsletters (a $50 value).   Your membership fee will entitle you to remain on the "members only"   e-mailing list, and to receive discounts on products released through the foundation. )

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