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02/01/2004 11:58:49

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15/12/2003 - LOGOFREETV writes to the BBC Director General and Chairman... again
11/12/2003 - No answer from the BBC Director General and BBC Chairman
07/12/2003 - BBC THREE has another DOG free evening
03/12/2003 - BBC FLAW gets FOUR on-screen logos on screen at a time
01/12/2003 - BBC ONE Countryfile
19/11/2003 - Version 1 Digital Satellite Free To View cards shut down today
10/11/2003 - LOGOFREETV - Reorganisation of Articles page
15/10/2003 - If you had your own TV channel, what would be on it?

15/07/2003 - The BBC Chairman made a statement about the BBC's on-screen logo policy today

The most damaging admission is that the BBC's on-screen logo policy; "split viewers", and "there are quite a lot of people who really don't like that." This leaves open to question what the BBC are going to do to resolve this problem that causes "a lot of people" offence?

23/04/2003 - Follow-up email to BBC

03/04/2003 - BBC THREE amends On-Screen Logo policy

Following our meeting with the BBC on 27/02/2003, the BBC have been gracious enough to synchronise BBC THREE's DOG policy with BBC FOUR.

Viewers will now be able to enjoy films, live performance, and long-form drama on BBC THREE without the annoying on-screen logos including cult series "24". This means no more defaced film and screen shots like the above! Enjoy.

LOGOFREETV welcomes this initative from the BBC and asks the BBC to consider going the full way towards DOG-FREE BBC THREE and BBC FOUR. We know the programmes deserve it. Link.

03/04/2003 - LOGOFREETV first official BSKYB Meeting

The first meeting between LOGOFREETV and BSKYB occurs on 01/04/2003. We will present to their Directors a case document called "Better Self-Regulation of BSKYB's Interactive Functions and more Choice for Consumers". We are not able to tackle the LOGO issue head on, but instead we are going to present a case centered around the RED DOT problems that are affecting myriads of channels and have the potential for regulatory intervention. Meeting Report.

01/03/2003 - Meeting Report - the first official meeting between LOGOFREETV and the BBC

The BBC has admitted that no further research has been done on on-screen logos since the BBC CHOICE audience research in 2000. Specifically NO RESEARCH ON BBC FOUR has been carried out. They also state that the argument for on-screen logos is a "balance judgement". Report.

07/02/2003 - The Manchester Metro - Screen Burn

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15/07/2003 - Press Release

14/01/2003 - Press Release

Members Bulletins 12 - 13 - 14 - 15

04/02/2003 - The seductive stranglehold of the Sky Digibox in the United Kingdom

27/03/2002 - Screen Burn - LOGOs can damage your hardware + Burn Pics: One Two

06/11/2002 - Children's Conference Handout

20/07/2003 - Member's Correspondence of the week

29/04/2003 - The Financial Times - UK TV Littered with trailer trash

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- Computer Misuse Act and RED DOTs

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Farewell to the Twentieth Century by James Howard Kunstler

... These things don't represent the creation of "wealth." They are short-term physical manifestations of speculation in debt instruments made tangible in steel, glass, plastic, and cement -- with the moral hazard of speculation hidden or repressed by...


'Super-regulator' Ofcom launches

Broadcasting regulator Ofcom, which replaces five media watchdogs including the Independent Television Commission (ITC), was launched on Monday.

Murdoch channel hits Britain - Fox TV to launch 12/01/2004

Rupert Murdoch's Fox TV will launch a channel in the UK next month aimed at young men.

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