Download Flash presentation software to create web sites, presentations, demos, intros, menus, banners & text effects.
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Wildform Flash Presentation Software

Create multimedia Flash presentations without knowing Flash. It's easy with Wildform's Flash presentation software. Our products help you to create professional calibre multimedia presentations that can be used as Web sites, downloaded to your computer, burned onto CD ROMs, or sent via email. All our products create SWFs that you can use with Frontpage, Dreamweaver, and other HTML editors.
Flash Video Converters
Title & Text Animators
Flash Editor
Wild fx
Flash animation
Wildform Flix
Create the highest quality Flash video. Edit, crop, encode and post your video in your own custom branded player in minutes. Also automatically transforms any video into a vectorized animation.
Flix Power Players
Add 135 more custom players to your Flix Pro players collection.
Flix Engine
Add the power of Flix Pro to your intranet, website and applications.
If you are not 100% satisfied with our software you may return it for a complete refund within 15 days of purchase.
Wild FX Text Animator
Make Flash text animations in seconds! Comes with over 400 effects, including 40 customizable effects templates. Ideal for websites, CDs and presentations.
Wild FX Pro Video Titler
Create everything from complex effects to complete title crawls for your video in minutes.
Power Effects
Add 200 additional text effects to your Wild FX Pro, Wild FX & SWfX programs.
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Linx Flash Editor
Assemble your Flash (SWF) files in this easy Flash editor to create buttons, banners, menus, intros, tutorials, demos, & interactive presentations.
"I'm using Flix, Wild FX and Linx to do the work for The Australian, Australia's only national daily newspaper, and I must say I'd be completely lost without them. Linx especially is absolutely vital to the workflow, can't praise it too highly!" -- Richard Pree, Web Designer, HQ13

"By using Wild FX and Flix, I had Flash text and full motion video on my website, in less than an hour. With Linx, I can merge the two to create dynamic and engaging animations. The help files are comprehensive and Wildform's technical support is excellent. I'm sold!"
-- Jeffrey Gould, Action Media Prod.

"I've been VERY happy with the Wildform products as well as the customer service. I recommend your products often. Your company does wonderful work."
-- Jami Desrosiers, designer
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"Flix is the shortest distance between your video files and your viewers on the Web"
--Tom Franks,
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"You simply won't be able to produce dynamic type animation of this quality without Wild FX Pro."
-- Kirk Hiner , Applelinks
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"Linx is a great program that quickly allows one to piece together animations, sounds, and images into one final animation!"
-- Kirupa Chinnathambi,
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"Wildform's products fulfill a need for Media Designers, with limited time and programming knowledge, who want to incorporate professional looking graphics into their presentations. By using Wild FX and FLIX, I had Flash text and full motion video on my website, In less than an hour. Now with Linx, I can merge the two to create dynamic and engaging animations." -- Jeffrey S. Gould, Action Media Productions