Fifth Dimension communications,5DC, EVP, ITC, and information research.

This site is concerned with the electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) and paranormal communications however designated.


Fifth Dimension

The approach to the electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) and paranormal communications however designated, here, is from that of a superior dimension - the first of which we call the Fifth Dimension.

It is also called the Information Dimension or I-space.


Philosophical background

This modifies advanced physics and cosmology to the extent that I-dimension in physical reality is seen as a resultant between two dimensions - pure I-dim and pure T dim to give us a flow of information that we call the flow of time. In saying this we also draw on the work of Lao Tzu or LaoTse of the Way and its Power, or Tao Teh King; of the mysticism traditions of the Rosy or Rosie Cross or Rosicrucians or AMORC, Emmanuel Swedenborg, LRH, L Ron Hubbard and many other gurus.

Scientific Principles in the Paranormal

In all this we use solid scientific principles especially in relation to acoustics, speech and hearing, speech recognition and synthesis, artificial neural networks (ANNs), synthetic neural networks, vocoders, synthetic voicing, DSP Noise reduction, DSP NR or N/R as it is sometimes written all with the aim of improving SNR or signal to noise ratio. A commonly used component is the Phase Locked Loop or PLL.



Using sound-editing software such as Acoustica or Sound Forge or Cool 2000 the speech can be cleaned up to give quite articulate results. The author has papers appearing in the Journal of the Psychic Research, the Journal of Instrumental Transcommunication, and the Scientific and Medical Network Review.


The main system is called the Alpha Interface System or AIS. Courses are also run most of which enable hands-on experience for the Alpha - the AIS.


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    1. Free Introductory Course
    2. What we are; what we do; videos; question and answers
    3. EVP Master Class
    4. Basic Course
    5. Why the 5th Dimension; what is it; what does it do; how can we contact it; what are the rules; what kind of equipment is used and what kind of training is needed.
    6. 5DC Laboratory Course
    7. Learn what the equipment is and the ways to use it. Learn about the software used. How to conduct experiments; Documentation - what a specification is and why it is used; following best practice. Hands on - carrying out experiments; recording and analysing results; documenting and archiving results. Lots of hands-on experience; Proficiency Test.
    8. 5DC Theory Course
    9. Dimensions - what they are and how they relate to each other. The information dimension (5D) and I-space. Implications of this for 5DC. Current methods and how they were arrived at.
    10. AIS User's Course
    12. Research Course
    13. Writing a specification, designing an experiment
    14. Base Management Course
    16. Staff Courses
      1. Management
        1. Co-ordinates
        2. Co-ordination
        3. Legal and taxation
        4. Financial
        5. Human Resources


      1. Administration
        1. Staff Communications and Welfare
        2. Client Communications and Welfare
        3. Membership Communications and Welfare
      2. Technical
        1. Operations
        2. Analysis
        3. Navigation
        4. Research

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