Info for the Masses


Composition of Sound > That’s the name of the band, consisted by Vince, Martin and Fletch playing guitars!

Depeche Mode > After joining the band, Dave proposed Depeche Mode as the new name of the band, taken by a French fashion magazine. Contrary to the popular belief, it does NOT mean fast fashion. But although mode means fashion, depeche in this case means bulletin. Fashion bulletin (or fashion news).

Speak & Spell > An electronic toy, made by Texas Instrumentals, which purpose was to teach kids how to spell.

Tora! Tora! Tora! > It's "Tiger! Tiger!Tiger!" in Japanese. This word-combination was the code for Japanese troops to start the operation against the american military base Pearl Harbour in December 6th, 1941.

New Life > The cover of the Mute 7" single shows an egg from which a man is coming out. It's based on a painting by Spanish surrealist master Salvador Dalí, "Geopolitical child watching the birth of the new man".

What´s Your Name > "Hey, you´re such a pretty boy, you´re so pretty". Many fans think that this line is a reference to gay attitude. Vince Clarke, who wrote the song, explained that the song was inspired in Adam Ant, the lead singer of the early eighties band Adam and the Ants.

Big Muff > It´s a Electro Harmonix distortion pedal used by rock stars such as Jimi Hendrix.

Oberkorn (It's a Small Town) > Oberkorn is in real a small town in Luxembourg. DM played there live in 1982.

Get The Balance Right > In the beginning of the video, you can see Alan singing (instead of Dave). That is why the director Kevin Hewitt thought of Alan as the lead singer. The funny part was that DM were too embarrassed to correct him!

The Landscape Is Changing > German speaking voice at the end of the song says : "das ist gut... sooo gut... hah hah haha...". It's taken from Einsturzende Neubaten's song Die Elektrik-Merle.

Somebody > Martin did his vocals naked in the cellar of Berlin’s Hansa Studios!

Fly On the Windscreen (1) > The Death Mix, found in 12" and cd maxi-single of It's Called a Heart, includes the following sample sentences :

"Their living hell"
"Help the dying"
"The holy ghost"
"The blood of Jesus"
"This is what the americans who dropped the bomb saw"
"I don´t care how you feel"
"A fire ball"

Fly On the Windscreen (2) > The voice at the beginning of the album version belongs to Daniel Miller saying "Over and done with".

Black Celebration > The sample at the beginning of Black Celebration is Daniel Miller doing Winston Churchill in saying "A brief period of rejoicing". Winston Churchill said that infamous quote in February 1945, after signing the Yalta treaty, where USA, USSR and UK agreed in "sharing" the world after the end of World War II.

Stripped > The sound in the first seconds of the song was a sample of Dave's Porsche 911 ignition.

A Question of Lust (1) > It's not Alan who's kissing that girl in the cover! What a resemblence there! -:)

A Question of Lust (2) > In the beginning of the video, you can see Martin been naked… it’s a real scene, happened in a Dublin bar and the director Clive Richardson recorded it with his own camera!

Christmas Island > It's a small island in the central Pacific,s part of the Republic of Kiribati.. It was a U.S. Army military base during World War II, then used for nuclear tests in the fifties and now houses a satellite tracking bases.

A Question of Time > This was the first video directed by Anton Corbijn. The filming took place in LA, but only Alan showed up in the morning of the shot, because of the show the night before at Irvine Meadows. That’s why we see him taking the baby from the motorcycler!

Strangelove > The black girl in the video is Nassim, a model that was Corbijn’s girlfriend at the time. She was also in the cover of U2’s 1991 album Achtung Baby, made again by Anton Corbijn.

Never Let Me Down Again > The strange car in the video is a BMW Izetta, better known as Bubble Car.

To Have and to Hold > At the beginning you can hear a Russian saying : "Evolution of nuclear arsenals and socially-psychological problems of arms race is considered in these reports".

Pimpf > It was a Nazi organization, for 6 to 10 year old children, making their way into the Hitler Youth.

Agent Orange (1) > The name of the chemical that was used by US army during Vietnam War. It could cause hard burns but later many american soldiers and Vietnamese citizens had further effects in their health, like cancer.

Agent Orange (2) > At the end of the track there are some Morse sounds, tha mean "If anybody can hear this, please help me".

Pleasure Little Treasure > The Glitter mix, CD bonus track in Music for the Masses, contains reversing samples with Andy saying "It could probably work" and Martin "Back to back".

Stjarna > It means "star" in Swedish and it's not St Jarna in any case.

Personal Jesus (1) > Martin inspiration for this song was Priscilla Presley’s book Elvis and Me, specifically her portait of Elvis.

Personal Jesus (2) > It’s the top selling 12” single in Warner Brothers history, selling over one million in the US.

Enjoy the Silence > DM won the first and only Brit award for “Best Single of the Year” back in 1991.

Policy of Truth > The Capitol Mix, available in the 12", includes a sample of US president Robert Nixon saying "I want to tell you my side of the case".

Interludes > Here's the full list :

Mission Impossible - after Pimpf on Music For The Masses
Crucified - after Enjoy the Silence on Violator
Interlude #3 - between Blue Dress and Clean on Violator
Interlude #4 - after Get Right With Me on Songs Of Faith And Devotion

Crucified > It's Fletch who says Crucified, but it's heavily distorted.

Halo > One of the dancing girls in the video is Jenny Elfman, now a famous model/actress.

Memphisto > As Martin once put it: "Memphisto is the name of an imaginary film about Elvis as a Devil, that I created in my mind". Elvis was coming from Memphis and Mephisto is the Devil...

Sibeling > Martin wrote this instrumental based on Finnish classical composer Sibelius.

Death’s Door > The first and only track recorded for the needs of a movie soundtrack, specifically for Wim Wenders’ Until the End of the World in 1991

I Feel You (1) > The girl played in the video is famous English model/actress Lysette Anthony.

I Feel You (2) > The video of I Feel You is the most expensive one to date!

Walking In My Shoes > A whale sample was used in the recording, reworked throught a keyboard…many fans thought of it as Mart’s guitar!

One Caress > Martin recorded his vocals live in studio, accombinied by a 28-string orchestra.

Judas > 3 or 4 versions were recorded during the SOFAD sessions, and one of them was reggae!

Devotional > The credits say that it was filmed during the European Devotional Tour 1993. Actually there’s footage from 3 shows: Barcelona, Frankfurt and Lievin.

In Your Room (1) > The video was banned by MTV America, cause of its S & M images!

In Your Room (2) > The video includes a retrospect of Anton Corbijn past DM videos… more specifically, you can see references to Strangelove, Personal Jesus, Enjoy the Silence, Halo, I Feel You and Walking in My Shoes. The reason for this retrospect was Anton’s feeling that In Your Room would be his last DM video, especially because of Dave’s drug problem!

Uselink > It's one of the Useless versions.

Junior Painkiller > It's the track no.12 in Ultra.

I Feel Loved > The Danny Tenaglia Labour of Love mixes contain samples of Shout and My Secret Garden.

One Night in Paris > The credits say that it was recorded in Paris (October 10th, 2001). Actually the video contains bonus footage from the first Paris show (October 9th) and also some snippets from the Birmingham show (October 21st).


Thanks to Shunt,, Mode2Joy & Empty World 3’s forum