Welcome to Gabe's French Guiana Web

Welcome to Gabe's French Guiana Web

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 The old bridge over the Sinnamary River.

Sinnamary, French Guiana

Sinnamary is 50 km from Kourou. There is fishing in the open sea or in the Sinnamary River. There are some restaurants there, and well as souvenir shops. We also ran into an open air market that they have with items like fresh fish and fruits. First day we flew into French Guiana we ate at the Creole restaurant on the side of the river.

A "safe" peer into the Sinnamary River.
Danger of killer waves!!

Robert, Randy ad Dennis beside a danger of flood sign?



 This way to the wood shop.

Yes, another picture at a bridge.. why not?

Wood Crafts at Sinnamary are a popular attraction for us tourists.

 This way to the wood shop.

 This way to the wood shop.
CLICK HERE for my wood collection list


 This way to the wood shop.

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