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Sunday, October 12, 2003

The Pope has Stomach Cancer, and a call for a temporary truce 

Well, as it is known now, the Pope has stomach cancer. Things do not look like they will go on much longer, as cardinals have now been told to be prepared to head for Rome at a moments notice. The day of the crossroads finally comes. But let's not worry about that now.

Right now, we need to pray for the Holy Father, and it's my hope everyone who heads to Holy Mass within the next 12 hours or so says a prayer for the Holy Father.

I'm looking for a truce between Neo-Catholics and Traditionalists during this time. I for one am laying down my arms until things pass, for one, to reflect on death, how it truly does come to all, as much as people don't think it will. Whether or not one liked this Pope, even his staunches critics have noted just how much energy he has, and how he is looking to truly defy all the rules, to keep going. That's a quality I think we can all appreciate. I'm rambling, not sure what else to say right now, other than pray. One of the more typical prayers, and one I happen to like is this:

Respice, quaesumus, Domine, animam famuli tui Ioannis Pauli in infirmitate corporis laborantem, et animam refove quam creasti, ut castigationibus emendatus, continuo se sentiat tua miseratione salvatum. Per Christum Dominum nostrum.

Look down, we beseech Thee, O Lord, upon the soul of Thy servant John Paul, laboring in infirmity of body, and refresh his soul, which Thou has created, that corrected by his afflictions, he may continuously feel himself healed by Thy mercy. Through Christ Our Lord.


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