November 15, 2003

Canadian critic challenges official 9-11 story

Vision TV's Barrie Zwicker presents his own findings

By Chris Brisbane

In a hot and stuffy meeting room at the University of Toronto, Barrie Zwicker made his case.

Barrie Zwicker

Canada's veteran media critic likes to refer to himself as a “9-11 skeptic.” He believes the United States government was complicit in the massacre of its civilians on Sept. 11, 2001.

“People who criticize, they haven’t done their homework,” Zwicker said. “All they can do is say, ‘You’re a conspiracy theorist.' All they can do is just call names. They never raise anything of substance.”

And substance is just what Barrie Zwicker has to provide.

On Nov. 12, Barrie Zwicker of Vision TV presented his series, The Great Deception: Unanswered Questions Around September Eleven, at U of T’s Hart House. In his series, originally aired less than five months after the 9-ll attacks, Zwicker examined and commented on the "official" version and evidence of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. He also presented his own research, evidence and findings.

Zwicker has conjured many of his own questions. But now, as a result of his own research, he is content with making assertions.

“I think a lot of the questions have been answered,” Zwicker said. “For instance, the question of whether an airliner crashed into the Pentagon has now been answered by all sorts of physical evidence. If you do spectrometry analysis of the pictures of the fire, [it’s clear] an airliner did not go in.”

Zwicker believes the United States was complicit in the massacre of its own citizens.


Primarily, to assert its hegemony over an oil-rich region of the Middle East. To accomplish this, the U.S. was willing to sacrifice its own citizens and place the blame for their deaths on foreign interests, notably the world's chief terrorist (as identified by the U.S.), Osama Bin Laden.

• • •

Boeing 757 could not perform such manoeuvres

Zwicker asserted that the Boeing 757-200, American Airlines Flight 77, did not perform the manoeuvres which it apparantly did before crashing into the Pentagon. He believes that a remote-controlled, unmanned U.S. military plane likely crashed into the Pentagon.

  • The Boeing 757-200 has a wingspan of 124 feet, length of 155 feet and a height of 18 feet.

  • On Sept. 12, 2001, CBS News reported, “Radar shows that Flight 77 did a downward spiral, turning almost a complete circle and dropping the last 7,000 feet in 2 1/2 minutes.” However, such manoeuvres are only possible by smaller or military airplanes.

  • Danielle O’Brien, an air traffic controller at Washington's Dulles International Airport, commented on the 270-degree turn that she witnessed the aircraft execute, to ABC News. “The speed, the manoeuvrability, the way that he turned, we all thought in the radar room, all of us experienced air-traffic controllers, that that was a military plane.”

  • Tom Seibert, Steve Patterson and Lon Rains, witnesses who were close to the Pentagon, said the aircraft that passed them appeared and sounded much smaller than a 757, which also produced a screaming, high-pitched sound.

  • Photographs from the Pentagon’s west wing on Sept. 11 show that the damage was approximately 90 feet wide across the first level, 13 feet wide across the second floor and not higher than 26 feet. A Boeing 757’s wingspan is 124 feet and 10 inches high. The tail of a 757 is 44 feet and 6 inches high. Official reports concur that Flight 77 struck the Pentagon at an angle of approximately 45 degrees, which should have increased the width of damage to 177 feet.

• • •

With this in mind, Zwicker wants to know:

  • Where can we see the impression of the wings and tail on the impact area of the Pentagon, which were evident in the impact at the World Trade Centre?

  • Where can we see the Boeing’s wings, engines or tires in photographs of the Pentagon on Sept. 11?

  • Is there anywhere we can see the approach of a 200,000-pound 757 (which apparantly flew less than yard above the ground) in or around the Pentagon?

Zwicker is also troubled by the fact that data from the flight data recorder and voice data recorder for Flight 77, recovered by the FBI, has yet to be released to the public. Also, the footage from several surveillance videos, also recovered by the FBI, has not been released.

• • •

Two crashes could not cause WTC collapse

Zwicker also believes that the collapse of the World Trade Centre towers could not have been caused by the two airplane crashes. He says it is probable that a demolition or implosion, controlled by U.S. authorities, was involved.

  • Temperatures higher than 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit are required to weaken steel (the enormous beams and columns of the World Trade Centre were fire-resistant steel). However, testing has shown that steel frame structures exposed to lengthy hydrocarbon-fueled fires indicate steel never exceeds 680 degrees in building fires.

  • The smoke from both buildings was very dark when they collapsed, suggesting that the fires had cooled down, which was corroborated by Orio J. Palmer, a New York Fire Department batallion chief, when he called for two engine companies to assist him on the 78th floor of the south tower, 10 minutes before it collapsed.

  • In addition, molten steel was found seven floors below the ground at the World Trade Centre site and Building 7, which indicates temperatures surpassed 2,800 degrees Farenheit to result in such melting. Extremely high temperatures cannot be explained resulting from the ignition of jet fuel.

• • •

Failure of military response

Zwicker cannot make sense of the lack of U.S. military response.
On Sept. 11, the U.S. military had an hour and 23 minutes to protect Washington, D.C., after the first communication loss by ground control with an aircraft.

  • Boston’s Logan Airport Air Traffic Control lost contact with American Airlines Flight 11 at 8:14 a.m. EDT. That plane would later strike the north tower at the World Trade Centre at 8:46 a.m. EDT. In the event of loss of radar contact or radio communication with an airplane, Federal Aviation Agency regulations require air traffic control to call for immediate military interception.

  • The Pentagon was not protected by fighter jets from Andrews Air Force Base (less than 15 miles from the White House and Pentagon), jets from Langley Air Force Base (which did not fly at their top speed of 1,500 miles-per-hour) and it was not defended by its own anti-aircraft weaponary.

  • In addition, the F-15s which flew to lower Manhattan from Otis Air National Guard Base on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, did not travel at their top speed of 1,875 miles per hour. The F-15s were only scrambled at 8:44 a.m. EDT and were too late to intercept American Airlines Flight 174, which crashed into the south tower at 9:03 a.m. EDT.

• • •

9-11 skeptics have proved their case, Zwicker says

Zwicker said the onus is now on those who believe the "official" version of events. He maintained that the 9-11 skeptics have proven their arguments by examining photographs, physical evidence, accounts of onlookers and doing spectrometry analysis.

“You come with your evidence [and] prove it,” he said. “The shoe is on the other foot now in respect to many things about 9-11. Those who want to say that the U.S. Air Force just didn’t happen to take timely action, it’s up to those people who claim that there’s some rational explanation for that, to come forward with that explanation.”

Lara Baker, a U. of T. student who organized Zwicker's presentation, said she was dissatisfied after seeing how the U.S. government reacted in its press conferences -- its failure to present persuasive intelligence information and physical evidence.

“Nobody really knew who to blame,” Baker said. “Was it the government’s fault? Was it the the fault of a terrorist organization? I think it was at this point when I realized that this mechanism of finding the enemy, displacing blame and lack of accountability on behalf of the Bush [administration] was when I really started to question what was really going on.”

For complete transcripts of Barrie Zwicker's Great Deception series, visit the Vision TV website.

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