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M.11 Whitney Straight

Airframe History


Whitney Straight M.11 290 G-AECT BS755 Untraced England 1940 Known History: Prototype Whitney Straight; Used for boundary layer suction experiments; 9 May 1936 CoA issued to Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd., Woodley; Was first flown on 14 May 1936 ; August 1938 to L.E.R. Bellairs, Shoreham; (12 April 1938 ?); On the 27 October 1940 was impressed as an instructional airframe, registration cancelled;


Whitney Straight M.11A 303 G-AENH Untraced New Zealand 1968 VH-ABN ZK-AXN Known History: First production M.11A; 16 January 1937 CoA issued to Whitney Straight Ltd., Heston; November 1937 to F.W. Hewson, Queensland, Australia as VH-ABN; Impressed 1939 and used by the RNZAF for light communications; In March 1951 to the Auckland Aero Club, New Zealand as ZK-AXN; 1968 still on register; Nothing heard since;

Whitney Straight M.11A 304 G-AERS ES922 Crashed England 1943 Known History: 20 January 1937 CoA issued to Airwork Ltd., Heston, as their demonstrator; In February 1937 to R.K. Clarke, York; 1937-38 overseas use by Army officer R. King Clarke, who flew it back and forth to Ismailia, Egypt, and he later based it at Semakh, Palestine before flying it to Singapore and back; In April 1940 to Miss E. Townsend, Woodley; On the 6 May 1941 it was impressed as ES922 at Northolt, for Station Flight; On 19 April 1943 it crashed;

Whitney Straight M.11A 306 OO-UMK BD168 Crashed England 1944 G-AFJJ Known History: On 3 February 1937 the CoA was issued to M.Camille Gutt, Belgium as OO-UMK; On 27 July 1938 registered to Airwork Ltd., Heston as G-AFJJ; Impressed as BD168 for 271 Squadron on 23 August 1940; Dbr in a forced landing near Andover on 1 August 1944;

Whitney Straight M.11A 307 G-AERV EM999 Stored Antrim Northern Ireland 2000 Known History: On 30 January 1937 the CoA was issued to H.W.H. Moore, Heston; On 21 June 1941 impressed as EM999 for Halton & Abingdon Station Flight; Then on 3 June 1947 it was restored to it's owner as G-AERV; In March 1962 to R.T. Boyes, Newtownards; On 9 April 1966 the CoA expired and wfu; Circa 1966-79 was loaned to the Belfast Transport Museum; 1986-2000 stored at Upper Ballinderry, Antrim; At some time may have been at Kemble;

Whitney Straight M.11A 308 ZK-AEO NZ576 Crashed New Zealand 1950 ZK-AJF Known History: To New Zealand as ZK-AEO in early 1937; September 1939 impressed for the RNZAF as NZ576 and used for light communications; Post 1945 restored as ZK- AJF; 20 June 1950 crashed near Lobourn;

Whitney Straight M.11A 309 G-AERY Untraced India 1938 VT-AKF Known History: 13 February 1937 CoA issued for British Air Transport Ltd., Redhill; In February 1937 to H.B. Legge & Sons Ltd., Redhill; During April 1938 to India as VT-AKF;

Whitney Straight M.11A 310 G-AETB Crashed France 1937 Known History: 12 February 1937 CoA issued to Hon. T.S. Fermor-Hesketh, Brooklands; On the 21 June 1937 it crashed near Beauvais en-route Le Bourget to Lympne, the owner was killed;

Whitney Straight M.11A 311 ZK-AFH Untraced New Zealand 1968 Known History: To New Zealand early 1937 as ZK-AFH; Impressed 1939 and used by the RNZAF for light communications; Still on the register in 1968; Nothing heard since;

Whitney Straight M.11A 312 G-AETS DR611 Scrapped Weston-super-Mare England 1948 G-AITM DR617 Known History: 25 March 1937 CoA issued to E.G.H. Forsyth, Heston; 31 May 1941 impressed and mis-painted as DR617 for White Waltham; Flew in mis-painted RAF serials throughout the war; November 1946 restored to the Straight Corporation as G-AITM; Bought by the Straight Corporation at Weston-super-Mare, but was in too poor a condition to fly again and was scrapped at Weston-super-Mare on the 3 March 1948;

Whitney Straight M.11A 313 G-AEUJ Stored Sutton Coldfield England 1996 Known History: 24 February 1937 the CoA was issued to Major C.L.Y. Parker, Gatwick; 29 January 1941 to Hawker Aircraft Ltd., Langley; From 29 January 1941 up until 17 July 1957 was Hawker Aircraft Ltd communications aircraft; August 1957 to Mill Hill F/G, Elstree; May 1961 to Edward Eves, Baginton; October 1962 to J.Tullett, Seething; November 1966 to P. Hillwood & C.H. Parker, Hurn; 4 June 1970 the CoA expired; circa 1980 Speedwell Sailplanes, Marple for Bob Mitchell; Winter 1981 reported as ex: Marple, East Midlands, Bournemouth; April 1982 with Speedwell Sailplanes, Marple being rebuilt for Bob Mitchell, wings and fuselage reported structurally complete; 1986-96 reported to be with Bob Mitchell, Sutton Coldfield in storage; Nothing heard since;

Whitney Straight M.11A 314 G-AEUX DJ713 Crashed Kenya 1952 VP-KHO Known History: 2 March 1937 CoA issued to J. Bayley, Roborough; 26 August (maybe January) 1941 impressed as DJ713 to Andover Station Flight; 1 May 1946 restored as G-AEUX to Wg.Cdr. H.M. Probyn and flown to Kenya; 8 December 1949 registered as VP-KHO; 2 March 1952 dbr after an accident;

Whitney Straight M.11A 315 G-AEUY W7422 Untraced Le Bourget France 1940 Known History: 3 March 1937 CoA issued to R.E. Gardner, Hamsey Green; October 1937 to Sir A. Beit, Heston; 4 March 1940 impressed as W7422 for 24 Squadron, used by Air Attachee at Paris; May 1940 abandond at Le Bourget;

Whitney Straight M.11A 316 G-AEUZ Untraced Kenya 1952 VP-KKF Known History: 24 March 1937 CoA issued for Rolls-Royce Ltd., Hucknall; 25 February 1948 to A.F. Eayrs, Tollerton; August 1949 to H. Tempest Ltd., Tollerton; 20 October 1952 to Nairobi, Kenya as VP-KKF to replace VP- KHO (G-AEUX);

Whitney Straight M.11A 317 G-AEVF BS814 Scrapped England 1945 Known History: CoA issued on the 10th March 1937 to L.T. Lillington, Ratcliffe; On the 21st September 1940 it was impressed for 24 Squadron as BS814; On the 22nd March 1945 it was scrapped;

Whitney Straight M.11A 318 G-AEVA DR612 Crashed Switzerland 1954 Known History: CoA issued to G. Cohen, Heston on the 9th March 1937; During August 1937 to D. de C. Smiley, Heston; In December 1938 to E.A. Stroutts, Bekesbourne; Impressed as DR612 for 44 Group on the 20th May 1941; 29 January 1946 restored to J.C. Rice, Leicester East; 2 July 1954 crashed into a mountain near Moutier, Switzerland;

Whitney Straight M.11A 319 G-AEVG DP854 Untraced Australia 1955 VH-EVG DP845 Known History: On the 15th March 1937 the CoA was issued to W. & A. Norman, Heston; On the 30th March 1941 impressed as DP854, later DP845 at Northolt (may have been mis-painted with RAF serial number?); On the 25th March 1947 restored to Air Service Training Ltd., Hamble; In March 1954 to W.A. Strauss; Flown to Australia, arriving at Moorabin on 16th October 1954; On 27th May 1955 re-registered as VH-EVG;

Whitney Straight M.11A 320 G-AEWA DJ714 Crashed France 1961 Known History: CoA issued to the Earl of Ronaldshay, Portsmouth on the 19th March 1937; To T.B. Birkett in February 1939; Impressed for the ATA at White Waltham as DJ714 on the13th March 1941; Restored to H.R. Minchin, Woodley on 27th May 1947; To S.J. Burt, Fairoaks during April 1949; Crashed on take-off from a field at Neufchatel, France on 3rd March 1961;

Whitney Straight M.11A 321 G-AEVH Crashed Woodley England 1939 Known History: CoA issued to Captain A.V. Harvey, Heston on the 24th March 1937; Sold to Reading Aero Club, Woodley on the 4th May 1938; Crashed on 28 January 1939;

Whitney Straight M.11A 322 G-AEVL DP855 Scrapped New Zealand 1951 ZK-AZX NF751 Known History: CoA issued on the 7th April 1937 to Major R.H. Thornton, Speke; To Major H. Musker, Hanworth in March 1939; Impressed as DP855 on 10 April 1941 (maybe March); Re-serialled as NF751 in March 1943 (1942?); Restored to the civil register on the 18th November 1946 (maybe January 1946) to G.W. Harben, Burnaston; To New Zealand and allocated the registration ZK-AZX in October 1951; Arrived New Zealand as deck cargo, but it was so waterlogged that it had to be scrapped the same year; The registration ZK-AZX was never taken up;

Whitney Straight M.11A 323 ZK-AFG NZ579 Crashed New Zealand 1959 ZK-AJZ Known History: To New Zealand as ZK-AFG in 1937 with the Wellington Aero Cub prior to being impressed; During September 1939 impressed as NZ579 (serial not confirmed, may have been NZ571 or NZ579); Restored as ZK-AJZ in 1946; January 1959 crashed;

Whitney Straight M.11A 324 G-AEVM BS815 Scrapped Northolt England 1945 Known History: CoA issued on the 14th April 1937 to J.A.H. Parker, Hambledon, Surrey; Impressed at Northolt as BS815 on the 28th September 1940 and used by the Station Flight; Scrapped on the 13th April 1945;

Whitney Straight M.11A 325 G-AEWK AV970 Crashed Northolt England 1944 Known History: CoA issued on the 22nd April 1937 to E. Jobling-Purser, Woolsington; Impressed to 13 Group on 7 August 1940 (April maybe) as AV970; Written off in accident at Northolt on 24th November 1944;

Whitney Straight M.11A 326 G-AEWT Crashed St. Didier France 1954 F-APPZ Known History: CoA issued to Whitney Straight, Heston on the 5th May 1937; To P. Genin, St. Didier as F-APPZ on 3rd August 1937; Flown to Indo China and back by Mme. Genin in 1937; Hidden during the 1939-45 War; To the Aero Club du Rhone in March 1954; Crashed at St. Didier on 7 July 1954;

Whitney Straight M.11A 327 YR-MZM Untraced Romania? Known History: No trace of YR-MZM can be found in the Romanian civil register;

Whitney Straight M.11A 342 G-AEYA DP237 Crashed Northolt England 1945 Known History: CoA issued on 13th July 1937 for W. Headlam, York; On 29th April 1941 impressed as DP237; To 24 Squadron, Hendon for use by Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands; To Northolt Station Flight in April 1942; Crashed on take off at Biggin Hill on the 10th February 1945; Scrapped on the 15th February 1945 ;

Whitney Straight M.11A 343 G-AEYJ Scrapped Belgium 1939-45 OO-ZUT Known History: CoA issued on 14th April 1937 to J.B. Turnball, Heston; To Airwork Ltd., Heston in September 1938; To Belgium as OO-ZUT in December 1938; Believed destroyed during the German invasion during april 1940;

Whitney Straight M.11A 344 HB-URO Crashed Lebanon 1957 Known History: CoA issued in 1937; Crashed in 1957;

Whitney Straight M.11A 345 F-AQMA Untraced 1939-45 Known History: CoA issued in 1937; 1939-45 did not survive War;

Whitney Straight M.11A 346 G-AFAB BD145 Crashed England 1941 Known History: CoA issued to P.P.S. Pratt, Brooklands on the 18th August 1937; To Venner Time Switches Ltd. in March 1939; Impressed as BD145 in July 1940; Spun in near Radlett on the 10th December 1941;

Whitney Straight M.11A 347 G-AEZO Crashed Sudan 1937 Known History: The CoA was issued to Brig. Gen. A.C. Lewin, Nairobi, Kenya on the 21st August 1937; Crashed near Malakal, Sudan on the 9th October 1937, whilst the owner was ferrying the aircraft to Nairobi;

Whitney Straight M.11A 348 F-AQIK Untraced 1939-45 Known History: CoA issued in 1937; 1939-45 did not survive War;

Whitney Straight M.11A 349 HB-EPI Untraced Switzerland 1960 Known History: CoA issued in 1937; Still on Register in 1960;

Whitney Straight M.11A 350 VH-UZA Crashed 1942 Known History: CoA issued in 1937; Crashed in 1942;

Whitney Straight M.11A 496 F-AQCZ Untraced 1960 Known History: CoA issued in 1937; 1960 was still on Register;

Whitney Straight M.11A 497 G-AFBV Crashed Ipswich England 1939 Known History: CoA issued on the 4th October 1937 to A. Batchelor, Ramsgate; To the Ipswich Aero Club during February 1939; To the Thanet Aero Club, Ramsgate in March 1939; Crashed on the 15th June 1939 whilst landing at Ipswich;

Whitney Straight M.11A 498 D-EKTR Untraced Germany Known History: February 1938 to Voelkingen, Germany;

Whitney Straight M.11A 499 G-AFCC Untraced Magellanes Chile 1939-45 Known History: CoA issued to T. Saunders, Magellanes, Chile on the 26th October 1937; In December 1937 to Chile and based at Magellanes; During the 1939-45 war, the registration lapsed; Nothing heard since;

Whitney Straight M.11A 500 G-AEYB Untraced Italy 1941 I-BONA Known History: CoA issued to Whitney Straight Ltd, Heston on the 2nd July 1937; In December 1937 to Italy as I-BONA for Gaspare Bona; To Frederica Cassinas in September 1941; Nothing heard since;

Whitney Straight M.11A 501 G-AEXJ BS818 Crashed England 1944 Known History: CoA issued on the 20th April 1937 (3rd July 1937 ?) for Air Service Training Ltd, Hamble; During October 1940 (3rd November 1940 ?) it was impressed as BS818 for 12 AFU; Crashed on the 12th May 1944 (20th May 1944 ?) at Lowfield Heath Road, Gatwick, Surrey; Queries on all dates;

Whitney Straight M.11A 502 G-AFCN V4739 Scrapped England 1943 Known History: The CoA was issued to Whitney W. Straight, Heston on the 20th November 1937 ; To H.M. Mitchell, Castle Bromwich in October 1938; To Yacht Cruises Ltd, Gatwick during April 1939; Impressed as V4739 for Ternhill on the 12th October 1939; Scrapped on the 30th September 1943;

Whitney Straight M.11A 503 ZK-AGB NZ577 Crashed New Zealand 1953 ZK-ALE Known History: To New Zealand as ZK-AGB during 1937; Impressed as NZ577 in October 1939; Later restored as ZK-ALE; Crashed on the 7th September 1953 at Mamaku near Fitzgerald Glade on a flight from Mangere to Rotorua;

Whitney Straight M.11A 504 VR-SBB Untraced Singapore Known History: To Royal Singapore Flying Club;

Whitney Straight M.11A 505 F-AQLX Untraced France 1939-45 Known History: 24 February 1938 To Paris, France; Did not survive War;

Whitney Straight M.11A 506 G-AFZY NF747 Untraced New Zealand ZK-AXD U-0227 Known History: First serial was U-0227; On the 20th November 1939 the CoA was issued to Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd., Woodley; Impressed as NF747 during November 1942; Restored to the civil register in October 1946 for Southern Aircraft (Gatwick) Ltd.; To Lord Calthorpe, Fairoaks in January 1950; To New Zealand as ZK-AXD during October 1950;

Whitney Straight M.11A 507 G-AFJX BD183 Rebuild? Christchurch New Zealand 1998 ZK-AUK Known History: CoA issued on the 14th September 1938 to Brig. Gen. A.C. Lewin, Njoro, Kenya; Flown to Kenya and back in July 1939; To J. Tweedale, Woodford in August 1939; Impressed in August 1940 as BD183; Restored in March 1947 to Warden Aviation & Eng. Ltd.; To Mount Cook & Southern Lakes Tourist Co., New Zealand in March 1950 as ZK-AUK for Harry (later Sir Henry) Wigley of Mt Cook Airlines; Passed through a number of owners before being damaged in a ground loop in June 1966; Stored in damaged condition at Forest Field, Christchurch. Reported to have parts stolen, incl. Constructors plate circa 1998;

Whitney Straight M.11A 508 F-AREQ Untraced 1939-45 Known History: 20 August 1938 To Damascus; Did not survive War;

Whitney Straight M.11A 509 G-AFGK Airworthy Wetaskiwin, Alberta Canada 2000 N72511 Known History: On the 11th April 1938 the CoA was issued to Miss Rosemary Rees, Heston; During 1942 it went to Airwork Ltd., at Heston or Perth on communication duties; To F.H. Wilson, Speke in April 1951; To Aldenham Flying Group, Elstree in March 1956; To E. Wilkinson, Panshanger in January 1964; To W. Scott-Hill, Fairoaks in February 1972; Noted flying fitted with a Gipsy Major 10 Mk.2 engine during 1972; In 1976 to the USA by ship top freight, arranged by Harold & Igor Best-Devereaux. Some water damage during the trip, but after some work it was flying. Then it was delivered to it's new owner, a Mr Lawrence, with the intention of starting a Charles Lindbergh Museum in Hawaii. He first wanted to fly it to Oshkosh, but on the return trip to Los Angeles he had magneto problems in Mineral Wells, Texas. The problem was solved but the aircraft did not fly back to Los Angeles, instead it sat in a hangar for about 10 years. In 1987 it was purchased by Dan Nelson, who after several days preparation, flew it back to Los Angeles. The aircraft then did about 100 hours flying before being dismantled for restoration. In 1989 the aircraft was sold to the Reynolds Aviation Museum in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. It was painted in the WW2 scheme that it once wore when with Airwork Limited. Reported to still be airworthy with the Reynolds Aviation Museum during 2000.      


Whitney Straight M.11B 305 G-AERC AV971 Scrapped England 1943 Known History: On the 5 February 1937 the CoA was issued to C.A.& Mrs.M. Villiers, Heston; Fitted with 135 hp four-cylinder Villiers Maya engine as M.11B; In January 1938 fitted with Gipsy Major as M.11A and then to Thanet Aero Club, Ramsgate in the same month; May 1938 to Ipswich Aero Club; On 4 July 1940 impressed as AV971 at Hucknall & Northolt (impressed April 1940 ?); SOC on 9 June 1943;


Whitney Straight M.11C 341 G-AEYI Crashed Woodley England 1938 Known History: CoA issued to Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd., Woodley on the 8th September 1937; Fitted with variable-pitch propeller as M.11C; Crashed at Harefield, Berks. on the 28th June 1938. Test pilot Wg. Cdr. F.W. Stent killed;

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