GIDIGIDIMAJIMAJI was formed about 4 years ago by Joseph Oyoo, stage name Gidigidi and Julius Owino, stage name Majimaji. The duo is based in Nairobi, Kenya and their music is a hybrid mix of contemporary Hip-Hop styles and African rhythms. Ted Josiah, one of Kenya's leading producers detected their potential after a talent show and released their first single; Ting Badi Malo (put your hands in the air) in March of 1999. The single shot to the top of the East African charts and also enjoyed airplay in other African countries. Ting Badi Malo became so popular that international radio stations, including BBC and Voice of America started giving it airtime.

Gidigidi Majimaji release their second single Adhis Jiggy Jiggy in September 1999. The song also rose to the top of the East African Charts and stayed there for several weeks. ISMARWA (It's ours), Gidigidi Majimaji's debut CD was unleashed the following year, compete with a sold out show at Canivore, one of Nairobi 's leading night spots.



Gidigidi Majimaji is probably the most popular contemporary music group in Kenya . What makes the duo unique is that, they have managed to succeed in the Hip-Hop market without trying to abandon their African roots. Unlike many other African Hip-Hop artists who choose to do their lyrics in English, the duo mostly uses Luo, their mother tongue. Gidigidi Majimaji does not see the use of their mother tongue as a drawback. The duo is quick to mention that many Kenyans and other Africans love Lingala music from Congo and although they do not understand it, language does not seem to be a problem.

In fact, Gidigidi Majimaji's chartbuster Unbwogable (Unshakable), which became the anthem of the National Rainbow Coalition, a political alliance formed to oust then ruling party KANU from power, proved the duo right. Released on to the Kenyan market in late 2002, the song quickly smashed down age, music genre, gender and ethnic barriers to the number one spot. People across the human spectrum scrambled to the stores to get their copy. Very few Hip-Hop artists anywhere in the world can claim a fan base ranging from teenagers to senior citizens. An article in the New York Times described the duo's concerts as “Always sold out .”

The group is currently signed under Gallo Records a music recording company in South africa. Gidigidimajimaji have completed an album "MANY FACES". For more info visit

Gidi and Maji Chilling out!
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