that paperback novel by Michelle Goddard ... aka Jane!

In 1992, Jane's thriller, DEEP WATER, was produced by the small Australian publisher, White Heron Press ... and as some of you will remember, "fate" almost instantly took a hand. An industrial dispute at warehouse level caused the book's distribution to be held up, and the routine "sixty day shelf life" of a paperback simply expired. By the time the "storemen and packers" would handle the palletized stock, the distributors did not want to touch it. It was pulped. Yes, pulped. And that was the story of what became of what was — and is — a really good novel.

A few packages of copies (there are about 32 books to a pack) were saved by the Nut Hatch group before the pulping process went ahead, because we just couldn't bear to see the novel totally destroyed. As you know, it's phenomenally hard to find a professional publisher, and who knew when this book would see light of day again?

Some copies were distributed by us in 1993 and '94, and a batch was shipped to a privately owned bookstore in the States ... other than that, DEEP WATER vanished without leaving behind even a bubble...

And then just weeks ago, when we were clearing out the garage...

We found a box. We opened it, and couldn't believe our eyes! Now, we don't know how many copies of DEEP WATER are in that box, but (as the saying goes) while stock is available, we would be delighted to ship these final copies ... signed by the author ... for exactly what we paid for them way back in '93, when White Heron gave us the option of buying some of the doomed stock before the high-pressure hoses hit it.

That's A$5 (about US$3), plus postage of course. Postage is also A$5 for airmail ... and if you would like to order by credit card, your order can be shipped same-day It'll be A$10, something like US$6, for DEEP WATER, autographed, and airmailed to your door!

And now, about the book itself...

Here is the "back cover blurb" designed by the publisher:

A dead body in the dolphin pool
An innocent man on the run
Rachel Jordan pits her wits against the law
to find the murderer, and soon
her own life is in danger.
Dominic Thorne is well known as an "international troublemaker" —
but now he is about to pay for someone else's crime.
If we could talk to dolphins, the Police would have their man.
An exciting new Australian thriller
set against the background of a
radical experiment in the controversial
marine park business.

Well, the story actually revolves around Rachel Jordan, who's a marine biologist, and her boyfriend, Dominic, who's a radical environmental activist (to put it mildly). The Police already have him under observation since he campaigned against logging the rain forests in this country, and yes, he in town to take a close-up look at the new marine park, which some people want to see scrapped. But the park is "an experiment," where marine mammals will be living free in a big, beautiful netted bay, and Dom is about to give the project his stamp of approval ... when a guy from the park, with whom Dom has been seen to physically fight (over Rachel), turns up dead ... floating face-down in the dolphin pool.

And here is where it gets really good: the only witness to the crime can't talk. The dolphin knows exactly who the murderer is. It ain't Dom, but unless Rachel can prove it, Dom is going to prison for a very, very long time.

Here's a swatch of 'sample text' the publisher pulled out of the book, for the fly-page:

sudden danger, and Doctor Rachel Jordan is fighting for her life...

Her heart stood still as her eyes opened wide in the half light. She saw only a shape, black, formless, and some gleam of starlight on some dark metal suspended over the bed. Fear paralyzed her for a second that stretched into an hour. She heard her own gasped intake of breath, Dominic's name was on her lips, then reality slithered headlong ito madness.

The bed bucked as the murky shape plunged across it. Rachel scrambled away. Shock quickened her senses as she saw the gun in a gloved hand, saw Dominic's fist smash down on the outstretched wrist. The weapon exploded deafeningly. Sparks spat from the muzzle, leaving swathes of corneal after-images that confused her vision...

We'd rate the book PG-13. It's about 200pp, fast paced, with a strong romance between Rachel and Dominic, some tasteful sex, a ot of action, and some really "nice" moments. When we were distributing it as far as we could back in '93, we were getting wonderful letters from readers. It was very well received ... it was just never carried by a mainstream distributor. And it was, essentially, lost. We don't know how many copies are in the box we just found, but they're mint-condition, and we'd be delighted to ship them.

If you would like to order, give this a click to go right to major ordering information, and don't hesitate to use your redit card on line, because our "secure system" is totally safe!

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