Worlds Products

Earth Federation
Assault Carrier White Base

Overall length: 250 meters
Overall width: 110 meters
Overall height: 97 meters
Full weight: 68,000 tons
Armament: 580mm dual main cannon
dual mega particle cannon x 2
missile launcher x 24
anti-air machine guns

This Pegasus-class mobile assault carrier, the besieged home of our crew of young heroes, is the first Earth Federation warship designed to carry mobile suits into battle. Its decks can hold up to nine mobile suits and fighters, and its armament includes a main gun turret, two mega particle cannons, a battery of missile launchers, and countless anti-aircraft guns. Thanks to its Minovsky craft system, the White Base can survive the heat of atmospheric re-entry, and then float effortlessly across the surface of the Earth. The soldiers of the Principality of Zeon, unaware of its true name, give the White Base the nickname "Trojan Horse."