MCFAST picture gallery

These detector pictures are generated using the Geomview-based graphics of MCFAST (distinct from the Explorer-based graphics, an independent package).

The bulk of the plots are screen bitmaps because the Geomview postscript driver generates images full of plane ordering errors.

More info on the graphics is available in my MCFAST work summary.

-T. Wenaus

Central dipole

Full det: ps bm
Zoom: ps bm
Interior: ps


Full det: ps bm, GIF
Zoom: ps bm

CDF run 2

Full det: ps bm, GIF
Full det - high quality - no Si: ps
Zoom: ps bm

D0 upgrade

Full det (as so far defined in the geometry file): ps
Zoom with hits, tracks: ps
Hits,tracks only: ps bm