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The Gretna Police Department Training Academy is one of nineteen academies in the state of Louisiana certified by the Peace Officers Standards and Training Council. The academy operates under the direction of Captain Charles M. Whitmer who was appointed Director of Training by Chief B. H. Miller, Jr. in January of 1985. The academy conducts basic training for new recruits as well as inservice training for members of the department and oustside agencies. It is the goal of the academy to provide officers with top-notch training, enabling them to perform the duties of a Law Enforcement Officer in a professional manner.

These are some of the subjects taught during basic training:

This is only a sampling of courses taught to recruits during basic training. Recruits receive over five hundred and fifty hours of training prior to graduation from the academy. Upon graduation from the academy officers are certified as Law Enforcement officers by the LA Peace Officer Standards and Training Council.

Training is conducted at the Gretna Police Complex located at 200 Fifth Street in Gretna. Classes are conducted in a state of the art classroom added in 1997. The classroom is equipped with top of the line audio, video and computer equipment.

The academy normally provides one basic training class per year from April through October. This is geared for recruits with full-time employment seeking to become Reserve Officers. Classes are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 1800 hours through 2200 hours and on Saturdays from 0800 hours through 1600 hours. The Gretna Police Department does provide full-time academies (Monday through Friday 0800 hours through 1700 hours) as the need is dictated by local law enforcement agencies.

Please use the e-mail link below if you have questions about training.