Tetris: the cocaine of video games.
I'm sure most of you have at the very least heard of this wonderful/horrible game. wonderful because it just is so so much fun to play and all the blocks and the falling and....really, i don't think any description i could put down here would do it justice. Horrible because for some unexplainible reason you just keep on playing it. horrible, because at night you have visions of falling blocks and forming colums...no, really, this has happened to me before.......no, you shuttup! anyway. if you haven't played this game, PLAY IT! if you have played this game, then you should really stop playing it because i bet you've been doing so for over an hour. I'm a Tetris master, but only on Gameboy Tetris, i can't do the computer versien. but i can whoop your ass in gameboy two-player mode. no really, i can.
Mr Driller: like tetris, only different.
this one is very similar to tetris because it just keeps going and going, and the addictive qaulity is quite similar. in this one, rather then having falling blocks, you drill downwards and have blocks fall all around you, it's really quite fun and thrilling, as far as games go. play this game, you will love it.
MARIOKART 64!!!!!!
ok, this game is so fun. the best raceing game ever. anyhoo, this game also has a little pointless story to it, so i will tell you. you see, my family went up to thos cabin to go skiing, and we brought along my very good friend E. this cabin, which is really just a big big house near the snow, (yay snow) has a downstairs rec room of sorts. with a mini pool table and stuff. anyway, this room also had a nintendo 64. it has now been replaced with a playstaion and has mostly snowbording games with it, but before it had an N64 and it also had mariokart. so, one night, me and E play through the entire game of marioKart. in mariokart there are four levels, each level has four parts, mini levels. the main levels increased dificulty with each one. making 1 the easiest and 4 the hardest....etc. anyway.....to make it through all the levels, while playing against each other PLUS the system who controls all the other people, requires both players to finish in the top 3. possibly top 4. i don't remember. getting into the top 4 each time, through 16 levels, is very hard at some points, and we had to do-over many levels because only one of us would get in the top 4. or maybe it only required only ONE of us to get in? dammit, my memory fails me. but that's ok, the best part doesn't rely on that info. the point is: it got to be very late, and me and E got a tad hyper. so, we eventaully got around to harrassing one of the other charecters in the game. princess peach, is her name, i think. we called her peaches. and every time she was one the screen we'd harrass her. like, i think it could be considered sexually harrassment, because we were saying things like, "oh yeah, give me some sweet sweet peaches" and such. it was so insane. yet so so fun. anyway, we stayed up till 2 in the moring playing that game............good times, good times.
this is peaches,
that little slut.
this game is...well, i don't really know what it's called....Kirby something...i dunno. anyhoo, my friend C has this game on his comp. through an emulartor.......yeah. this game is where you press bottons and you have to match up swinging things and......when you get the most accurate thingy to punch the block and then you see a star and a crack goes hrough it to show how hard you punched.....um....and.......it's insanly simplistic..........and so is this other game that i couldn't get a picture for. what you do, is, when the screen flashes, you press the button. and whoever presses first hits the other guy over the head and wins the round. similar to paper rock sissors...but with head hitting....damn, so complicated to explain these simple games.
One of the bestest games ever. me and C play this one on his Playstation. you basically shot these little hooks with cahins on them and pop all the bubbles/ballons that fall donw. each time you shot one it divides into two smaller bubbles. and so forth untill they finnally disapear. anyhoo, this pic is a solo one, we always play two player mode, and I'm the orange guy. i always lose. because when the bubbles touch you, you die, and they touch me alot. sigh.......i love this game. play it!!!!
The legend of Zelda: links awakening.
C gave this one to me. because he had two copies. you get to go around and kill things and get hearts and....i guess it's just your basic game. it takes awhile to complete, and that's nice. when i was finnished with it, i started right back up again. now, i know you're thinking "that's because you have NO LIFE!" but I'm telling you, it was REALLY because the game was so good. let's go over the highlights: the dogs look like bowling balls with teeth, and in one level a dog follows you around. you get to dig! with a cool SHOVEL!!!!!!! and there's a fish who does a mambo. there are also some singing frogs. how can you NOT want to play this game?..........mambo!!!!
N2O: Nitrous Oxide

yay N2O!!!!! this is a shooter, where you go around in your little ship and shoot things. but you're in a tuby thing, er...tunnel, and you go around and around...it's neetso. and you can also gather coiny things to get points which give you lives if you get enough....or something. and there's a bonus round. and each level you get a new bugy bug to kill. FUN!!!! and you go round and round. and shoot at things and BEST OF ALL.....the entire soundtrack is Crystel Method. YAY!!! itr's great. play this playstation game!!!!!!!
one of my new loves. damn, this game is wonderful and addicting. the point is to "capture" the flares and then make really long chains of flares, and then you detonate them. and you get bunches of points (plus, pretty fireworks) and you make daisy chains and... and... yes, very fun.  there are only 8 levels though *sigh* but i kick ass at this game and i can beat Ramon at it as much as he can beat me. yay two-player. oh, and there are these things called starmines, and they are when you get the special starmine flare, and detonate it, and then a whole bunch of flares come up and... well, i know you can't understand, but it's great.
This is one player mode. YAY.
this is two player mode. YAY
yay video games!!!
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