Peacebound Trains

   While her mother is in the army, Sumi is living with her grandmother, on East Blossom Hill. Perched on her favorite rock, Sumi watches trains wind through the valley below, hears the lonely sound of their whistles piercing the air, and longs for the day when her mother will return.
   The train whistle reminds Sumi’s grandmother of a time when a train played an important role in her life too: long ago in Korea, when she and her family escaped Seoul at the last moment before war came. In poetic language and exquisite paintings, Peacebound Trains vividly evokes the landscape and people of Korea and a special grandmother-granddaughter relationship.

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Peacebound Trains by Haemi Balgassi, illustrated by Chris K. Soentpiet, published by Clarion Books, a Houghton Mifflin Company imprint.
Text copyright 1996 by Haemi Balgassi.
Illustrations copyright 1996 by Chris K. Soentpiet.

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