Herman R. Staudt was born in Yonkers, New York, on 29 June 1926; served in the U.S. Army as an enlisted man and advanced to the grade of staff sergeant, 1945-1947; received a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from New York University in 1947 and an M.S. degree from Rutgers University, 1953; worked as a field test engineer then as chief project engineer, Radar Division, U.S. Army Signal Corps Engineering Laboratory, Belmar, New Jersey, 1950-1954; was chief, Tactical Systems Section, U.S. Army Signal Corps Engineering Laboratory; was engineer with Martin Marietta Corporation in Baltimore, Maryland, serving as Assistant Project Engineer on the Matador missile, Project Engineer for the Missile Master Electronic Defense System, and Operations Manager, Electronics Division, 1954-1957; transferred to Martin Marietta Corporation, Orlando, Florida, as director, Lacrosse Missile Program,1957-1961; served as director of the Pershing Program, 1961-1967; attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as Fellow in the Alfred P. Sloan School of Management, and received an M.S. degree in Management, 1968; was vice president, Management Operations, Martin Marietta Corporation, 1968-1972; was vice president of operations for the Orlando Aerospace Division, Martin Marietta Corporation, 1972-1973; was Under Secretary of the Army, 16 October 1973-22 May 1975.