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  Spearhead from Space    

Auton Invasion Begins
Early morning. In High Streets throughout the country shop window dummies suddenly start springing to life as the Auton invasion begins.

Director Derek Martinus chose one particular High Street - in Ealing, West London - to illustrate the Auton awakening.

Filming Date
September 1969

Ealing, London

Photos by
Stephen Carter
New Broadway, Ealing  (21,376 bytes)

Corner of High Street and New Broadway, Ealing.

The street is deserted at this early hour.
  Side of Marks and Spencers (17,037 bytes)  

Alley (formerly Lancaster Road), Ealing

A policeman hears windows being smashed and runs to investigate.

This side-street, which stood next to 'John Sanders', was demolished to make way for the Ealing Broadway shopping centre.
  New Broadway, Ealing (23,281 bytes)  

'Marks & Spencers'
(formerly 'John Sanders'), New Broadway, Ealing.

As the policeman turns the corner he comes face to face with advancing shop window dummies.
  High Street, Ealing (22,373 bytes)  

High Street, Ealing

A High Street cyclist soon to be shot by an Auton.

The electrical shop 'Currys' seen in the background is now travel agents 'Going Places'.
  High Street, Ealing (22,223 bytes)  

High Street, Ealing
(facing south towards Ealing Green).

Three more Autons advance.

  Where is it?

Once outside the station, turn left and walk down Haven Green. At the junction with the main road, turn right onto The Broadway. 'Marks and Spencers' is just up ahead, on the left where The Broadway meets High Street.

Underground Station
Ealing Broadway
(National rail, District
and Central lines)

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Story written by Robert Holmes and directed by Derek Martinus.

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