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[-] *in William Shatner voice* BUUUUUUUSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
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[-] Neverwinter Nights
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[-] *in William Shatner voice* BUUUUUUUSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
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welcome to g/e — the gaymers community
Welcome to the original (can I say that?) gay gamers community. We've been here for over a year now and we're not going away anytime soon. Come in, look around, and make yourself comfortable. Everyone is welcome to participate, doesn't matter if you are gay, bi, or whatever. The only thing we don't tolerate here is horrible games and the n-gage (hahah, had to say that one).

If you like it here and want to post, please feel free to register.
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Posted by SiskoKid on Wed, January 21st, 2004. 05:24 am
The Nintendo DS! It is a dual screened portable system. There are no pics of it yet, but the concept's quite weird. I don't really know if it's a good idea until I've seen it in action, but I am glad to see Nintendo's trying new things. Here's the article on IGN for more information:
Posted by ernie on Fri, January 16th, 2004. 09:17 am

Ohmygod, I so fucking need this game it's not even funny.
[ IGN ] Nintendo VP: We are #2 in the US!
Posted by madizm22 on Thu, January 15th, 2004. 08:00 pm
Nintendo #2 in the US? Read the full interview. Good stuff.

[ ] Grand Theft Auto Bound For San Andreas?
Posted by sidcloud on Tue, January 13th, 2004. 02:11 pm
What about GTA: Sin City? Well it seems that Amazon fell victum to an April Fool's joke leftover from last year and have since updated the site to just simply "Grand Theft Auto - Next Episode " So where is the next installment of GTA supposed to take place? San Andreas. Okay, this one shouldn't suprise anyone that has played the original Grand Theft Auto. For those that haven't (and those that have but have forgotten) here's a quick little tidbit. GTA let you choose to be in one of three cities to start your little crime spree with. Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas were the pick three.

Rockstar has already registered patents for GTA: San Andreas, GTA 5, and GTA 6. If you go with GTA: Vice City as part 4, then San Andreas will fall in at number 5.

Oh and if you guys want to play the original version of GTA, there is a free PC version put out by Rockstar floating around the net.

amazon link:
fileplanet - GTA:
fileplanet - GTA2:
[ ] New Metroid Zero Mission Movies
Posted by sidcloud on Tue, January 13th, 2004. 02:01 pm
According to, Nintendo has released four new quicktime videos of the upcomming Metroid Zero Mission. If you played the original NES classic, you'll be able to pick out some of the orginal locals from the sprites used. I don't think Nintendo is skimping on the remake like they tend to do with the Super Mario releases and they have opted to add a lot of new content for this game. I noticed moves from Metroid Fusion and of course variations on some of them. Should check the videos out if you have the chance.

Silent Hill 4
Posted by Raen on Tue, January 13th, 2004. 04:57 am
Just found out some stuff about Silent Hill 4: The Room. Found pics over at


Henry Townshend finds himself trapped in his apartment that has been cursed by a deeply rooted evil. Only by exploring mysterious portals leading to disturbing alternate worlds will Henry begin to uncover the truth.

[ IGN ] Metroid 2 to have multiplayer!
Posted by madizm22 on Mon, January 12th, 2004. 10:55 pm
Multiplayer action slated for Metroid sequel. Playing as a metroid? Sexcellent.

Posted by ernie on Thu, January 8th, 2004. 11:21 pm
Hey gaymers:

If you guys were at at the first meet-up in San Francisco, then you met a fabulous girl named Min Jung. Well, she's now having a game/dinner party, this time in the Oakland Hills in her roommates big-ass house (we call it the Ski Lodge, that's what kinda house this is.)

Party starts at 6:30pm on Sunday - here's the copy & paste:


Prithee, we invite your gentle company to join us for a discussion on gaming, community, art, and related social constructs.

There shall be merriment, food, and wine to fortify the spirits as we embark on a lively discussion on how games have ferreted themselves into our souls.

Invite other likeminded adventurers to join us. We beseech thee, do.


OK, a D20 of Whatever.


Some mixed company, but don't worry, they're all pretty cool. Also, there will be Karaoke Revolution! Trust. If you guys are interested, e-mail or send me an M2M and I'll give you follow-up information. Or just reply to this board.
Gamecube 2 will be backwards compatible!
Posted by madizm22 on Sun, December 28th, 2003. 07:04 am
Sweetness. Backwards compatibility rules.

It's official! Xenosaga is the "Most Pretentious Game of the Year"!
Posted by Nando-X on Mon, December 22nd, 2003. 03:50 pm
Yes you heard right... Xenosaga Episode 1: Der Wille Zur Macht or however you spell it wins the dubious honour of being the most pretentious game of the year according to Gamespot. I can't tell you how happy this makes me because I for one love this game and it truly is an honour to be given such a title.

Not a lot of games out there have the balls to have untranslated German in the title, much less more than a single word like Zwei (two) or something like that. So on top of having more than quoting Nietsche in the game title Xenosaga also takes itself way too seriously and has the most absurdly long cut scenes of almost any game out there (we're talking 30 minutes plus!).

But you know what? That's what makes it so damn good. It would be different if the game was pretentious and utter crap but that's just not the case with this melodramatic space opera. Xenosaga rocks the house in so many ways other games just wish they could.

Sure the gameplay isn't all that but the whole package of the game is a thing of beauty. So I say keep on taking yourself seriously Monolith. Don't listen to the naysayers and make the whole game in German... with no subtitles no less! Make it totally impossible for us to even begin to comprehend what the game is about! Make obscure references to what was left out in Xenogears. Hire a Northern European to direct the cut scenes but while you're at it, throw away the outdated concept of a narrative altogether. Let us play a pretentious art-house film like so many of us have always wanted...

And then, when we come crawling to you for an explanation, when we beg you to have mercy on our infantile intellect, ignore us! I think the folks at Namco & Monolith should not take this honour as an insult. It is a total compliment. More power to them... WE ARE NOT WORTHY!!!


[Edited on 12/22/2003 by Nando-X]
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