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Last Updated April 7th 2003
Sorry for the Lack of updates but i haven't been about to get onto the site at all. i think it is because my brother set up something weird with the computer and now that a virus whipped out the system he hasn't put it back on!

Anyhoo working sorta on another story
Stories Written By Shelly and Beth!
We ask that you please respect any copy right laws pertaining to the writen materials and art on these pages.
Warning: The stories of this series are rated PG-13, unless otherwise stated.

Note to reader:
This story is written based on the Roman Catholic beliefs. We're terribly sorry to those who may be offended to this, for example, in Fallen Angel: Ressurection. It's not intended.The symbols of the Wiccan religon are viewed upon by the Catholic church as signs of Satan. We are not against any other religions as individuals. So please, as you read this, do keep that in mind. Thanks.
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The Fallen Angel Saga
For Anyone who is not a regular reader of the saga.

The Fallen Angel Sage is a series of stories that all run into each other. we sugest that you read the stories in order in which they apear below or you may become lost.

Just click on the title illustration to start reading the stories.
Fallen Angel: Resurrection
Fallen Angel: Deception
Fallen Angel: Identity
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel is the first story in the Saga. you will meet the primary characters that follow through all the stories to come
Fallen Angel :Resurrection is the second story. the main characters are reunited to face the forces or evil once more. Fallen Angel: Deception is the third story. The angel of intelligence faces a strong moral delema in this story. will love prvale or with the angels fall?
Fallen Angel: Identity is the forth story. this story has been rated higher than the other storys we recomend if you are younger than 16 and feel you would not be able to handle anything graphic then please stear away.
Story #1 finished
Story #3 finished Story #4 finished
Story #2 finished
Fallen Angel: Life Fallen Angel: Courage
Fallen Angel : Life is also rated harsher than the others so please keep and open mind or do not read this story
Fallen Angel: Courage is in the writing stages right now and has not yet been reated
Fallen Angel: Misery
Story #7 Coming Soon
Story #6 Finished
Story #5 Finished
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Fallen Angel Saga: Side Stories!
Side stories are just spin off of the original series!
Fallen Angel: The Christmas Angel written by Shelly ~finished story~
This story is a spin off from the other fallens it's just a christmas gift so to speak for everyone i hope you all like it.
"Once a year God sent two of his most special angels out to find the two most beautiful things in the world"
Beth this story is for you and for everyone who are loyal fans of fallen angel. Merry Christmas Hope you all have a wonderful year!
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About the Authors!
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All Rights reserved to Rachelle V. Paquette and Elizabeth A. Stepenaski  03/09/2001.
We have nothing to do with hanson. Beth has been in the same building as them before a few times but i have never and this story in no ways has any official connections with the group or their record company. EVERYTHING on this page are not ment to be takes seriously. They are all totally fictional and the character that are named after the guys are also fictional. This set of stories are strictly from entertainment perposes. Also all the Art is are the property of Beth or the other artist who have sent us there work. Please do not steel it. you can adopt the angels just don't call them your own and link them to this site. Thank you for your cooperations! God Bless!
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