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Reviews: DAV HL - HeliportReview: DavHL [HLArches & HLAttack]
Author: Davide Cintrão
Reviewed by: Oldngrey - 8/20/00
File Name:
File Size: 2.01 mb
Number of Maps: 2
Download: available from 3D Downloads
Download: available from File Planet
Score: 3.5 / 5

Reviews: DAV HL - CanalStory, well only a basic one for hlarches. It would be better to read the file contained in the zip. Basically you have to get some passcards and somehow gain entry through assorted doors. Only one picture of this section "Arches". This is an area before you find various pieces of your body being flung about by nefarious baddies(naughty men). This was a fun little map, pretty easy except for finding one door pass, it's there somewhere.

Good number of grunts, but do I hate those autoguns, scare the you know what out of me when I'm not expecting it. Now this attaches automatically to the next map in line which is hlattack. The only problem is that when I played it I ended out in nowhere land and had to go back to console and reload it. There is a HSV suit so don't worry. Now to hlattack, a much better effort here, still sneaky in places but more logical in how to solve it. The story is now that you've gained the upper stories you again have to get pass cards plus blow up the power generator that's near a chopper pad. As always please read the file.

Reviews: DAV HL - PillboxThe first bit you come across is "Canal", a autogun makes you happy to be dead, um alive I mean. As always with DAV's map's the lighting is good and functional. Now further into the map it gets really hairy, as in the picture "Pillbox", only two ways to deal with this section, it's up to you on how to do so.

Near the end we have "Heliport", it bogs down a bit here. Or at least it did on my system. This is again a fun map to do, nice little puzzles, nice enemies, nice to get killed. So I reckon it's a good duo of maps to download. Just remember what I said about the switch between.

Rating? 3.5 out of 5.

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