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Review: DAV SubReview: DAV Sub
Author: Davide Cintrão
Reviewed by: Oldngrey - 09/13/00
File Name:
File Size: 10.65 mb
Number of Maps: 20
Download: available from 3D Downloads
Download: available from File Planet
Download: DAVSub Patch 1
Score: 5 / 5

Note: DAVSub Patch 1 will update DAV Sub to play under Half-Life Ver
Note: DAV Sub Walkthrough Available Here.
Note: Create new folder in HL directory as per Readme.
Notice: This pack has a severe bug in it, only in the second map. Again, refer to the readme file for information. Also take note that I tried this three times with errors in the pak file, it is not Dav's fault but maybe caused by either Getright or GoZilla. Only the pak file was affected in my case.

Review: DAV SubStory: This is a continuation of DAV Train. As we last left our hero he was boarding an Osprey to make his way home. But a good sequel is not without it's perils, on the way back an Apache makes it's appearance and procedes to shoot your flight down. Yet again you find your self on the run from the bad guys.

Now, when this appeared on our site I immediately proceeded to d/load this as fast as I could. Why, because I like DAV's map's they are usually good all round, and let me tell you this was no exception. First before I get into this monumental effort of Dav's I must say I had great difficulty d/loading the Pak file, errors I continued to have. I emailed Dav & asked him to help, that he did, for he emailed me a working copy of the pak file. For that I am thankful.

OK enough about my little problem, let's get into Dav's latest effort. Or try to. This is by no means an easy feat. We start after the crash of your flight, immediately this map is good, the lighting is just right, although I noticed shadows were a little deficiant, nothing to detract from it however. You make your way through various corridors, and yes I did get lost again, I get confused easy. I had a very hard time just to select which picture to show. As There were quite a few nice areas where thought was put in to make things nice.

Review: DAV SubSo I'll start off with the first picture "Error area". This is the place where Dav states about the error in one map. Unfortunately I got kicked out quite a few times because of this, and it's only the one real let down of his map. It's set in a minefield with many guard towers trying to vie on who gets to shred your body parts soonest. So just make sure you F6 before each strategic move because you will get kicked out to windows.

Secondly there is "Downstairs" very reminescent of OP4 as color and shades. Nicely constructed and nice to play in. One thing I must say that Dav has given code numbers on screen for the keys and the doors they match are numbered as well, a nice touch. More suprises are in this place a bit later...

The third pic is "My car" well I sure wish it was. This was taken in the part of the underground area of the pack. Yet again it all clicks and is nicely done. Further in there's a large street location showing off his efforts. A few prefabs or models are in this pack that set it off as well.

Number four is "BIG" Sorry about darkness of shot, this is what I call a full size sub, this thing is HUGE, and to proceed further you must make your way inside and battle your way to victory. The last shot is "Lear", yet again well done and a pivotal part of the story as you will see.

Reviews: DAV Sub - My CarRightio, that's the easy bit done. Now the hard stuff. I for one was sort of expecting this effort form DAV as his HL maps just keep on getting better, as always key finding is the hub of this and it's a lot easier finding them than in DAV Train. No NoClip for me this time. All items, locations, information were very well done. I'm not buttering up to DAV on this review, but I am very, very impressed with this. The health, charge up's, ammo etc are just where you need them and when also. I found only one place where I had slowdown and that was in the SUB section. Even our friend the "Sarge" from OP4 makes an appearance for us. As for the sound, most of the time you could hear various baddies whether they be alien or human in the background nearby so you would know death is around the corner. Nice use of music as well.

In conclusion, start getting this now. It's only a relatively small download but large in satisfaction and gameplay. I won't say what the information is in the closing credits, that will have to wait until you have played it. So I must wait now for Dav's next piece of good stuff, just hope it's not too long.

Rating? 5 out of 5.

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