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Review: DAV Train - Rail StoreReview: DavTrain
Author: Davide Cintrão
Reviewed by: Oldngrey - 8/20/00
File Name:
File Size: 2.7 mb
Number of Maps: 7
Download: available from 3D Downloads
Download: available from File Planet
Score: 3.5 / 5

Note: Create a new folder in HL. Install as per READ.ME

This pack attempts to bring a different ending to the end of HL after you reject the G-Man's offer of further employment. After you refuse, you are arrested and puts you on a train to be taken to another base where your memory will be wiped. Mid journey you will be transferred to an Osprey to conclude the transfer(bit confusing that bit)!. It is here at a train station where you will be transferred, and it is here that the map's take place. Upon arrival you hear gunfire and alien weapons fire, and you guess that a battle must be going on(Oh he's a bright one). Managing to escape after your guard is distracted you have to reach the waiting Osprey to escape.

Reviews: DAV Train - StairsWell, having never played DAV's map's before except for Davhl (see Dav HL Review) I can say he likes the stairs, ramp's and trying to get me lost while wandering around seemingly endless coridors, which I did, often. Admitingly I had to use GOD mode once because I was completely stuffed on how to get in this damn room. But apart from that the effort was quite good. Nice layout, a bit plain on scenery but it was functional. No real puzzles as such besides wandering around sometimes like a choock with it's head cut off (sorry kiddies, a bit gory I know). Only two pictures with this (don't want to spoil it) So the first is "Rail store" I will tell you this, here is where I got stuck, there's a smirking grunt hanging out in here and I couldn't get to knock him off. The pack is as I said, well done, BUT, for me it was confusing with the convoluted byways etc.

The second picture is "Stairs", looks nice. Interesting to try to solve a sort of puzzle with this one. So on the whole It's a good effort except for the things mentioned above, I don't know if it's a carry over from DAV's other map's he's done, although looking at his site I would say so. So get it, it is quite good fun & puzzling enough to keep somebody occupied, please don't ask me to help solve this one, do it yourself, it's more fun.

Rating? 3.5 out of 5.

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