Line Dance Fun ©2004 Doris Volz CA,USA  Saratoga playlist - Jan 23 - Jan 30 w/Me
4th Saturday January all request
Keep On Dancin' Party - Covenant Church/Palo Alto 7:30pm Flyer
Cupertino playlist - Feb 10 w/Me Teach will be 'Nu Flow' the sheet & music below.
San Bruno PLAYLIST for First Sunday in February w/Diana Ward - Guest instructor will be Neil Hale teaching Running Bear ...other Neil Hale dances on the playlist are: Hot Tamales, Diamonds are Forever, Curtain Call, Linda Lu, Story Book Endings, Ribbon of Highway, Cha CHa Lengua, Chabella, Las Pistolas, Cruisin' and Cruise Control.

1st Friday February playlist w/Shirley

New Step Sheets + streaming mp3 music:
Mambo Jive - Max Perry
Nu Flow - MIL
One Thin Dime - Michele Perron
Sundown Waltz - Robbie McGowan Hickie
The King & I - Christy Fox 48 count beginner to fast Elvis music
Time After Time - Charlotte Skeeters (next teach 2nd Sat Feb w/Heart Dance)

Wave On Wave - Alan Birchall

Video Clips: Scott Blevins Video Clips of Cold Blooded & Bidness ~ courtesy CJ
In The Zone (corrected step sheet) - Joey Warren
Video clip ~ courtesy CJ
Hot Temptation (step sheet) - MIL Video clip
~ courtesy CJ
Neil Hale demos his: Curtain Call ( step sheet) & Las Pistolas ( step sheet)
; Chabella

LINKS to the sheets for floor fillin' Bay Area line dance favorites: Cho-Co-Latte - Can't Take That Away - Beer For My Horses - Brokenheartsville - Bucklehuck - Cool Whip - Long Train Running - Bye, Bye - Cold Blooded - Yeeee Haaaaa! - Mr. President, Determination - Travellin' Soldier - Father & Son - Romantasy - Basha - Cowboys Don't Cry - One Thin Dime - Swing Your Chains - Fill The Rush - Miss Independent - Nu Flow - Monkeying Around - Mambo Jive - In-Vince-ible - Start Walking

Why does a dance appear on request lists for years when so many others just come and go? I think it's the music ...all but our most immediate experiences are stored in long-term memory. Having a song running through my brain, even when I'm not making any sound, is more like singing than listening. The left brain is activating representations of the words of the song and what they mean, the right brain is calling up the tones, musical structure, and personal feelings, associations and ...the dance steps. My whole brain is stimulated and it is a good feeling! A great piece of music can make me want to stretch my ability to the limit to get the dance pattern into my memory. The more experience I gain with dance patterns ...the easier it is to identify a weakness in choreography. I am addicated to dance but not to music. If I have learned a pattern, I can recall it involuntarily because of the associative pull. Dances of exceptional merit may or may not be different from dances that are honky tonk/social floor classics; both bring dancers pleasure. I can only speak from my experience dancing across the USA and Australia w/input from my dancin' friends. = music in RAM format
Download Google toolbar - type in the name of the dance/choreographer for stepsheets/websites
Line Dances of Exceptional Merit ©2004 Doris Volz

Cruisin' Neil Hale

Waltz Across Texas L&J Nielson

Hot Tamales Neil Hale
Midnight Waltz Jo Thompson
The Outback Gordon Elliott

Cha Cha Lenqua Neil Hale

All Shook UP R & S Krul 
Backroads Michael Barr
Fly Like A Bird Hedy McAdams
Rednex Stomp Chris Kumre
Smokey Places Michele Perron

A Waltz In Time Michael Barr
Dancin' With You Sal Gonzalez
Fat Sally Lee Arthur Smith
Swamp Thang Max Perry
Swingtime Boogie Scott Blevins
Uno Dos Tres Sherry McClure

Along For The Ride
Terry Hogan
Alligator Shoes Terry Hogan
Electric Reel R& R Padden
Hey Bruce Michael Barr
Jambalaya Ian StLeon
MMM-Bop K Kaylin
Pencil Thin Mustache C Skeetters
Razor Sharp Stephen Sunter
Shamrock Shake R& R Padden
Shimmy Shack Shuttleworth/Ward
Shipwrecked Hedy McAdams


Cuban Heels Terry Hogan
Dangerous John Robinson
Dizzy Jo Thompson
I See It Now Michele Burton
Into The Arena M Vera-Lobos
Mucara Walk Jphn Steel
Patient Heart M Vera-Lobos
Pot of Gold Liam Hrycan

Remember When Sydney Dancers
Southern Streamline Mack Apaapa
Swtichblade USA J Robinson
Titantic Simon Ward
Too Much Fun Too Hogan

Abracame J Shuttleworth
After Midnight Judy McDonald
Begin The Beguine C Skeeters
Completely Hogan/O'Dwyer
Have Fun Go Mad Scott Blevins
Islands in the Stream Karen Jones
Larger Than Life Simon Ward
Now or Never Kathy Hunyadi
Mambo #5 Machado/Lee
Perhaps Chris Kumre
Picnic Polka David Paden
Power Surge Stephen Sunter
Storybook Endings Neil Hale
Sunset Stampede
Ian StLeon
That's All She Wrote M Burton


Blue Finger Lou Perry/Kinson
Bye, Bye, Bye JP Potter
Crush JP Potter
Does Your Mother Know? C Skeeters
Hasta Manana - Charlotte Skeeters
Cha Cha Ruleta Scott Blevins
Syncopated Rhythm R & M Fowler
Who Did You Call Darlin' Kevin & Maria

All My Heart Bill Bader
Chill Factor Whittaker/Westhead
Heal The World C Skeeters
Jo Thompson
Promises Terry Hogan
River of Dreams Charlotte Skeeters
Smooth Criminal Porter/Hulatt
Brucie Scott Blevins

Basha Michele Perron
Chihuahua Yvonne Anderson
Come Dance With Me Jo Thompson
Cowboys Don't Cry
Michele Perron
Evergreen Karen Hunn
Hella Dance Scott Blevins
I Said I Love You Teresa & Vera
Shakatak Kata Sala
Sorrento Perron/Perry
Sweet Sweet Smile Two-Step/Scott

2003 (a work in progress)
Bidness Scott Blevins
Swing Your Chains Soares/Maguire



A Line DANCE Timeline written by Doris Volz and saved at -June 2003 for more Archive Finds: Max Perry's 1998 dance sheets - includes ALL his dances up to 1998
Max Perry's 1998 site - includes a valuable Internet Links page that pre dates the Kickit site ...just click on any category in his left frame - information comes up in his right frame.
Mark and Wendy Pilley's archived and still active website that includes all choreography from Australia.
Knox Rhine's 2001 archived page with his dances and those of his friends.
Line Dance Fun 2002 (December) archived page with some working links and some not
Line Dance Fun 2003 (June) archived page with some working links and some not

Classics that filled honky tonks & world-wide social dance floors in 2002:
All are original steps, most are vintage signed sheets!  The Fireman (George Davis), Fat Sally Lee (Arthur Smith), The Cowboy, (Kole Dunn), Ain't Going Nowhere - ( Lori Wong), Conrado Cha Cha ( Rob "I" Ingenthron), Mambo #5 (Pedro Machado/AT Kinson), Cruisin' - Cha Cha Lengua - Linda Lu - Hot Tamales & Storybook Endings (Neil Hale), Bar Room Romeo (Ron Holliday), Midnight Waltz, Dizzy (Jo Thompson), Baby Likes To Rock It & She Bangs (Hillbilly Rick), Got To Be Funky (Dawn Beecham), Strait Cha Cha - Hurricane - Desert Sands Cha Cha - Chevy - Dancin With You & Ooo Aah! (Sal Gonzalez), Boot Scootin' Boogie (Tom Mattox & Skippy Blair), Black Coffee (Helen O'Malley), Smokey Places (Michele Perron), Alley Cat (Donna Aiken), Norma Jean (Donna & Dena Wasnick), MMMBop (Kelly Kaylin) and Uno Dos Tres - aka 13 MWZ (Sherry McClure), Boot Scootin' Boogie aka Vancover BoogieCowgirls' TwistOphelia (Bill Bader), Waltz Across Texas (Lois & John Nielson), Swing Time Boogie (Scott Blevins), signed Swamp Thang (Max Perry), and Fly Like A Bird - Shipwrecked - Prairie Strut - Still The Same - Younger Men & Love Letters (Hedy McAdams) Wild, Wild, West Boogie and  Zydeco Lady (Chris Hookie).

San Francisco Bay Area request list favorites in 2003: West Texas Waltz - Sorrento - Evergreen - I Said I Love You - Shakatak - Sweet Sweet Smile - Irrestible - Can't Take That Away - Beer For My Horses - Long Train Running - Bye, Bye - Cowboys Don't Cry - - Finally Friday - Storybook Endings

This California line dance event happens: March 26-28, 2004
at the Crown Plaza Hotel:
282 Almaden Blvd. San Jose, CA 95113
VERY LIMITED Event Block Room Rate is $75.00 per night (until March 12)
Reservations 1-800-227-6963 or (408) 998-0400
Bob & Trish Boesel present: Simon Ward AND Rachael McEnaney
California Instructors: Doug & Jackie Miranda - Lou Ann Schemmel - Mike Sliter - Evelyn Khinoo - Charlotte Skeeters

Registration opens at 4:00PM followed immediately by Open Dancing.
Packets will be held at the door.

Instruction begins 5:00PM followed by all request Dance til 1AM $20.00

Saturday 45 minute workshops 9AM til 5PM; request Dance Party 7:00PM til 1AM $60.00
Two simultaneous workshop lessons on Saturday

Sunday 9:00AM breakfast/entertainment/lessons & published playlist social til 2:30PM $25.00
March 12th Deadline for the 9AM Sunday sit down breakfast registration

3-Day Event Pass $90.00 ($100 after March 1st)
(includes: ALL workshops/step sheets, 3 dance socials & breakfast w/entertainment)

Checks to: “Boesel's Keep On Dancin'” 965 Yarmouth Way San Jose, CA 95120
E-mail: /Questions: Bob or Trish Phone: (408) 268-3002
Download Printable Flyer
Download Printable Registration Form in Doc format or PDF format

Dancin' in the Desert - Feb 20 - 21 w/Netty's Line Dancing
Cool Country 9 - March 12 - 14 w/Doug & Jackie Miranda in Las Vegas, NV
Keep On Dancin'Event - March 26 - 28
Crowne Plaza Hotel:San Jose, CA w/Rachael McEnaney and Simon Ward
Aloha with Ohana in Hawaii April 14 - 21 w/Doug & Jackie Miranda
Phoenix Dance Festival April 30 - May 2 - Event DJ will be Californias own JP Potter!
Bonanaza BASH May 14 - 16 w/Doug & Jackie Miranda at Double Tree Hotel in Ontario, CA
COOL Country 10 October 2004 w/Doug & Jackie Miranda in Las Vegas, NV
LOWER PRICE ~ Line Dance Cruise October 17 - 24 San Francicso to Cabo San Lucas & back

Line Dance Lessons? San Francisco Bay area line dance instructors listed by their TEACH Cities
Line Dance Information? - my personal list of choreography sites that are updated frequently
Bay Area Line Dance Clubs:  Boots'n Buckles -> Cactus Corners -> Country Hustlers -> Quick Steppers
Bay Area Socials: Afternoons w/Shirley & Gary Keller -> EVERY Friday AM & 2nd Tuesday w/Doris Volz -> Heart Dance w/Gina Mello & John Bowen -> Keep on Dancin'
4th Saturday w/Bob & Trish Boesel -> Menlo Park w/Jamie Hogan -> Pacifica w/Diane Montgomery -> Palo Alto w/Evelyn Khinoo or Hedy McAdams -> San Bruno w/Diana Ward


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