What is NewsGator?

NewsGator is a "news aggregator" that runs in Microsoft Outlook. It allows you to subscribe to various syndicated news feeds (such as weblogs, news sites, etc.) and have news from these sites be delivered right into your Outlook folders. There are thousands of sites which syndicate their content in RSS format, and many more being added every day. You can even read NNTP newsgroups with NewsGator.


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Rather than visiting all of your favorite sites a few times a day, you can bring the web to you with NewsGator. You'll never again be the last to know!

And new with NewsGator 2.0 is the ability to read your content on multiple machines running Outlook (with full synchronization capability), and even the ability to read you content on a web site or mobile device. Never miss important content again!

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NewsGator will periodically check all of your subscriptions to see if any content has been added or updated, and put the new articles in your designated news folders. From there, you can leverage the powerful organizational capabilities of Outlook to:

  • Organize your news any way you like; by source, by date, or by any other field. You can use a single folder, or create a large folder hierarchy - it's your choice.
  • Download news in the morning, and read it later - even when you're off line.
  • Easily forward content to colleagues, or even drop into public folders if you're using Exchange Server.
  • Search and sort news articles, just like you do for your email.

And all in the tool you use all day, every day - Microsoft Outlook.

And you're sure to appreciate these features:

  • Not sure if a site syndicates its content? No problem! NewsGator will scan the site for you looking for RSS feeds.
  • You can right-click on a feed or site in Internet Explorer, and subscribe from the context menu. It's never been easier!
  • The NewsPage summary page shows your latest news at a glance.
  • Search for new feeds, right inside of Outlook!
  • Supports the latest RSS and RDF syndication formats.
  • Unobtrusive - you don't need to learn another application, just use the one you know.

And even post to your own weblog directly from NewsGator!

When combined with a subscription to NewsGator Online Services, NewsGator can also:

  • Synchronize your subscriptions between multiple machines (home and work, for example) running NewsGator for Outlook.
  • Allow you to read your subscriptions on the web, on a mobile device, or inside another email client when you're away from your machine running NewsGator for Outlook.
  • Create custom search feeds that search the net on your behalf for important information.
  • Subscribe to exclusive premium content.

Looking for some help getting started?  Read the online tutorial.


System Requirements

NewsGator requires Microsoft Outlook 2000 or later, and Windows 98 or later. Certain synchronization features mentioned above require a subscription to NewsGator Online Services.

NewsGator Technologies is NOT affiliated in any way with the Gator Corporation.

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